A brief look at Corrin, the beautiful vampire leader of the House of Croscova

Book One
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A brief look at Corrin, the beautiful vampire leader of the House of Croscova

Suddenly, a large man stepped out of nowhere, blocking her path. She stopped in her tracks. Just then, the two men behind her grabbed a hold of her. She struggled at first until she recognized the large man in front of her from the card game she won earlier. Judging from his expression, he had come to even the score with Corrin. It seemed to her that most people didn’t particularly care for travelers, as they were called. Nor did they appreciate losing their money to a lady.

The man quickly escorted a willing Corrin off into a local tavern owned by the town’s richest man. Corrin had unknowingly upset the balance of things. She knew that she could easily escape but she’d have to use her powers which would definitely alert the locals to her true identity. She would need to escape using other means. She was still willing to make a run for it instead of allowing things to escalate any further, even though they had put their hands on her body, a huge rule breaker for her. But then one of the men touched her backside, trying to feel the goods.

That’s when Corrin lost it. She snatched the man’s hand off of her backside and broke it in one move. The man screamed as he fell to his knees gripping his mangled hand.

The other men, a dozen or so, lunged at Corrin. She instinctively used her super-speed as she ran circles around them. They bumped into each other, as they tried to grab her, to no avail. She knew she had just revealed herself to them and that she and the others would need to leave immediately as it was the only way for them to remain hidden, from the humans.

“I had forgotten just how absolutely stunning you are my darling, Corrin.” Landry stood locked in a fierce gaze with Corrin.

“Well, don’t just stand there staring at me, my sweet Landry, give me a hug.” She winked.

He immediately hugged her tightly. He had forgotten just how wonderful she felt in his arms. The comfort there was endless. And in that moment he realized that he had missed her greatly.

“Oh Landry…” She squeezed him as she looked into his eyes. “You are still the only one I feel safe with, you know?”

“If you would forgot about your “No touching” rule, then others could offer you safety as well.”

“Never. You are now, and will remain the only person who can place their hands on me. You know that, silly.” She playfully touched the tip of his nose with hers.

“I know.” He couldn’t help but grin. “That’s why I know you are the only one who can help me now, Corrin.”She instantly pulled away from him and walked over towards a huge bay window. “So right down to business then, Landry?” She looked out the window with her back to him.

“I’m sorry. We can catch up later. But Maya needs our help now.”

“Maya needs…why should I care what your murderous lover needs?” She turned her head towards him. “Maya killed two members of my family, your brothers, Todd and Robert. Or did you forget about them?”
“Of course not! I could never forget my family bond and my oath.”

“That’s nice to hear. I thought maybe your love for Maya had made you forget the vows you took.”

“Maya isn’t the killer you seek. There is something else inside of her that is at fault for this crime.”

“I know about the evil, as you call it, hiding inside of her.”

“Okay, than you understand that she’s not a murder, she’s an innocent victim and we have to help her.”

“Help her?” She turned to him. “How can we do that, Landry? We have no idea what we are dealing with. Plus, there’s the safety of my family I must consider.”

“I understand your concerns. That’s why you should let me take her from here. I can take her far away from everyone so the thing inside can’t hurt anyone again.”

“Just the two of you? You’re the one that will be in danger.”

“I can accept that I will do what it takes to help her.”

“You really have no idea just how bad of an idea that is do you? No, don’t answer. I can see that you have your mind made up already and there’s no changing it. I remember that from personal experience. I will give you my decision after dinner and some entertainment.”


“Yes. Bran!” She yelled to Bran in the hallway. Bran opened the door. “Please show our boy, Landry and his guests into the dining room.”

“It was good seeing, Corrin. I will see shortly then.” Landry walked over to the door. She turned back towards the window as they exited.

She hadn’t wanted Landry to see that he’s words had brought tears to her eyes. Seeing Landry’s vigor and intense love for Maya had made her remember a time that she since had all but buried. It seemed that even a thousand years could not wash away the flood of memories of Sven’s face from her mind. She could recognize the same look on Landry’s face as she had on her face the last day she saw Sven. That endless love look. The kind of love that you would do anything to hold on to. She could relate to Landry’s love deeply but his lover had killed two members of her family, and that was a fact she would not gloss over. She knew she would have to decide soon what to do. Keeping Maya under her roof could prove hazardous for all of them.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into the world of Corrin Croscova vampire leader of the House of Croscova. Look for the full story of Corrin and the others in the Longing Pulse series coming this March to Amazon Kindle.  

He's crazy Ex?

He immediately held on to her arms and gently squeezed her. “I’m crazy, darling.” He turned to her and swooped her up off her feet and up into his arms and then he carried her back inside the apartment. “I’m completely crazy for you, Maya!”
“Hehe, very sweet, Landry, but seriously, who’s Bran?”
“Oh…you heard that?”
“Yes, I heard everything. Why? Did you not want me to know who your friends are?”
“No. I mean, I don’t want you involved in my past or the people, rather from my past. That’s it, really. Bran is someone from my past, that’s all. Now you, you are my present, okay?”
“Okay, I guess. I mean, I don’t want to sound jealous or anything because I’m not at all jealous but who’s Corrin and should I worry about a crazy ex or something?”
“Not at all. Corrin is of no concern to us or our situation, don’t worry about it or her.” He kissed her neck and then he looked at her and winked before kissing her again.
She quickly forgot her questions as he kissed and licked her chest but her concerns remained.
“I should probably get back.” She pushed him back as she moved and dressed herself.
“What? Wait!” He tried to take her hand as she opened the door.
“No. I should really get back, plus I’m just not feeling it right now.”
“Come on, Maya, please stay. I promise I’ll make it worth your while.” He arched his eye bows up and down with a playful look on his face.
“I said no. Now, if you don’t mind.” She pushed passed him forcefully, slamming the door as she left. He quickly opened the door to pursue her.
“Maya! Maya, please stop and talk to me at least?” He raced down the hall cutting her off before the stairs. “Maya…look at me please.”
She looked straight ahead, avoiding his eyes. “Get out of my way, Landry!”

“No, not until you let me say one thing to you first.”

"Endless Love Quenched"

By Sam Y Cats

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For Maya's heart this vampire must go

"Unlike anything she had ever felt before...."

Longing Pulse by Sam Y Cats coming in March

"Maya didn't want to wake Landry while she entered his room she waited until the sue was completely set then she quietly floated through the front door.

He sensed her as she entered the room and he moved to greet her, which startled her. She wasn’t used to his speed yet and so she flinched a little which made him smile as he wrapped his arms around her. She sighed loudly without thinking, and he laughed. She smiled and sighed again hoping that he’d never let her go and this moment could last longer.

“What did you do while I was sleeping, beautiful?”

“I watched the ducks at the park with Duncan in the morning. Then I read a little while Duncan ate. Not really anything special.”

“I missed you. You should have stayed with me; I wanted your gorgeous body next to me all day. Plus, that way I would have easier access to you upon rising.”

He laughed as he kissed her neck while he turned her around to face him.

“I didn’t want to smother you and Duncan would have flipped if I didn’t come home without a word.”

She closed her eyes as he continued to kiss his way up her neck.

She could feel every single moist touch of his lips on her. Never before had she felt such sensations, the likes of which songs were surely written; just the simple feeling of his fingertips running down her bare arm, made her feel alive and warm again.

He loved how she lit up as he touched her, she seemed to beam with more goodness then any living person Landry had ever seen before and that made him question how it was that she was a ghost." 

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Back by popular demand!

The romance you were longing for "Longing Pulse", a magic realism vampire series by Sam Y Cats

"Maya had been pacing back and forth for some time when she spotted a shadowed figure in the window of one the apartments in the empty apartment complex next door. She realized that the figure was a person. The person seemed familiar to her. The eyes looked right back at her from the darkness of the room. She shouldn’t have been able to see those eyes except that they seemed to glow, like the eyes of a jaguar or cat. Without thinking Maya raced over to the abandoned complex next door. Once inside the room she was surprised to see that the man from earlier had vanished again. This made her very upset, she had hoped to have someone to talk to, someone like her. She cried out and if she could have produced tears from her eyes, she would have soaked her clothes from the river of sorrow she had felt for so long that she now was releasing.

“Please don’t cry. I hate to see such a beautiful lady cry.”
“What?” Maya yelled as she stopped crying to look around.
“What could make you so sad?” Landry said as he approached her.
“Please don’t cry, you are far too pretty to cry.” Landry said while he touched Maya’s face with is hand.
“You?” She gasped as her eyes widened.
“What are you? You moved faster than any man I’ve seen before?” She pressed as he continued to touch her cheek gently.
“Ah!” Maya gasped. She was shock that she could feel his touch. She was unable to feel another’s touch since she died, until now.
“I’m sorry.” Landry replied as he pulled his hand away. “Did I startle you?”
“Yes…I mean no. I felt your hand on my face just now. Don’t stop!” She stammered as she grabbed his hand to return it to her cheek once more. “Yes, I knew it. I can feel your hand. I can feel you!” She gleamed as she held on to him tightly.

“Huh. What kind of ghost are you anyways?” He replied as he examined her face. “You seem so real to me, as though you are still…” He stopped suddenly.

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Welcome to the magical world of Woodsgate

      The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One


What if everything you thought you knew about the world suddenly changed in one night? What if the fate of the world was suddenly in your hands? Take a quick peek into the enchanting world of Woodsgate 

"Woodsgate was a special and mysterious place as Annabel had thought. Long ago there was a rupture in the divide between our dimension and the other dimensions that exist. This rupture caused a gateway to be opened allowing unspeakable evil into our world." 

"She could see Patrick out the office window as he electrified the monster-dog over and over again to no avail. He continued to attack the beast to keep its attention on him. The beast jumped up onto one of the lab tables." 

“Huh, uh. Yes I was. Am I in trouble?” Matt sighed. 
“No, of course not. Why would you think that Matt?” Annabel gently replied. Matt blushed again as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.
“You are not in trouble, unless you're the wolf that attacked Ashley?” Vince leaned forward across the table then sniffed. 
“I can smell you boy, I know you are a werewolf. Now what I need to know is did you show your true form to a human?”         

“No! No, never! I know the law and I would never break the law by revealing my true form to a human.” Matt shouted as he sat up and pleaded. Annabel was puzzled as she sat and curiously listened. “Wait! How did you know am I werewolf? Are you one too?” Matt eagerly asked.
“Yes. When you get older you will be able to do more things, like being able to identify your own kind.” Vince replied.

“It wasn't me Sawyer. It was Annabel. She killed that goblin herself, I saw it with my own eyes.” Patrick replied as he walked over to Annabel.

Annabel slowly staggered backward. She had no idea what had just happened. Her body felt like it was on fire inside, but it wasn't painful. She felt dizzy, and then she suddenly collapsed. Cameron quickly managed to grab her before she could fell on the ground”