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The romance you were longing for "Longing Pulse", a magic realism vampire series by Sam Y Cats

"Maya had been pacing back and forth for some time when she spotted a shadowed figure in the window of one the apartments in the empty apartment complex next door. She realized that the figure was a person. The person seemed familiar to her. The eyes looked right back at her from the darkness of the room. She shouldn’t have been able to see those eyes except that they seemed to glow, like the eyes of a jaguar or cat. Without thinking Maya raced over to the abandoned complex next door. Once inside the room she was surprised to see that the man from earlier had vanished again. This made her very upset, she had hoped to have someone to talk to, someone like her. She cried out and if she could have produced tears from her eyes, she would have soaked her clothes from the river of sorrow she had felt for so long that she now was releasing.

“Please don’t cry. I hate to see such a beautiful lady cry.”
“What?” Maya yelled as she stopped crying to look around.
“What could make you so sad?” Landry said as he approached her.
“Please don’t cry, you are far too pretty to cry.” Landry said while he touched Maya’s face with is hand.
“You?” She gasped as her eyes widened.
“What are you? You moved faster than any man I’ve seen before?” She pressed as he continued to touch her cheek gently.
“Ah!” Maya gasped. She was shock that she could feel his touch. She was unable to feel another’s touch since she died, until now.
“I’m sorry.” Landry replied as he pulled his hand away. “Did I startle you?”
“Yes…I mean no. I felt your hand on my face just now. Don’t stop!” She stammered as she grabbed his hand to return it to her cheek once more. “Yes, I knew it. I can feel your hand. I can feel you!” She gleamed as she held on to him tightly.

“Huh. What kind of ghost are you anyways?” He replied as he examined her face. “You seem so real to me, as though you are still…” He stopped suddenly.

 I am kicking off St. Patrick's Day right by bringing (at your request) back one of the HOTTEST eBook series ever! "Longing Pulse" was in the Top best sellers and was pre-ordered a month ahead of it's completion. 

So I've remastered it and merged all the stories of your favorite characters together and now I will offer one huge, romance filled book for your viewing pleasure.

 So look for details on my page on Twitter @Sam_Y_Cats or Facebook and here!

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