For Maya's heart this vampire must go

"Unlike anything she had ever felt before...."

Longing Pulse by Sam Y Cats coming in March

"Maya didn't want to wake Landry while she entered his room she waited until the sue was completely set then she quietly floated through the front door.

He sensed her as she entered the room and he moved to greet her, which startled her. She wasn’t used to his speed yet and so she flinched a little which made him smile as he wrapped his arms around her. She sighed loudly without thinking, and he laughed. She smiled and sighed again hoping that he’d never let her go and this moment could last longer.

“What did you do while I was sleeping, beautiful?”

“I watched the ducks at the park with Duncan in the morning. Then I read a little while Duncan ate. Not really anything special.”

“I missed you. You should have stayed with me; I wanted your gorgeous body next to me all day. Plus, that way I would have easier access to you upon rising.”

He laughed as he kissed her neck while he turned her around to face him.

“I didn’t want to smother you and Duncan would have flipped if I didn’t come home without a word.”

She closed her eyes as he continued to kiss his way up her neck.

She could feel every single moist touch of his lips on her. Never before had she felt such sensations, the likes of which songs were surely written; just the simple feeling of his fingertips running down her bare arm, made her feel alive and warm again.

He loved how she lit up as he touched her, she seemed to beam with more goodness then any living person Landry had ever seen before and that made him question how it was that she was a ghost." 

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