Welcome to the magical world of Woodsgate

      The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One


What if everything you thought you knew about the world suddenly changed in one night? What if the fate of the world was suddenly in your hands? Take a quick peek into the enchanting world of Woodsgate 

"Woodsgate was a special and mysterious place as Annabel had thought. Long ago there was a rupture in the divide between our dimension and the other dimensions that exist. This rupture caused a gateway to be opened allowing unspeakable evil into our world." 

"She could see Patrick out the office window as he electrified the monster-dog over and over again to no avail. He continued to attack the beast to keep its attention on him. The beast jumped up onto one of the lab tables." 

“Huh, uh. Yes I was. Am I in trouble?” Matt sighed. 
“No, of course not. Why would you think that Matt?” Annabel gently replied. Matt blushed again as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.
“You are not in trouble, unless you're the wolf that attacked Ashley?” Vince leaned forward across the table then sniffed. 
“I can smell you boy, I know you are a werewolf. Now what I need to know is did you show your true form to a human?”         

“No! No, never! I know the law and I would never break the law by revealing my true form to a human.” Matt shouted as he sat up and pleaded. Annabel was puzzled as she sat and curiously listened. “Wait! How did you know am I werewolf? Are you one too?” Matt eagerly asked.
“Yes. When you get older you will be able to do more things, like being able to identify your own kind.” Vince replied.

“It wasn't me Sawyer. It was Annabel. She killed that goblin herself, I saw it with my own eyes.” Patrick replied as he walked over to Annabel.

Annabel slowly staggered backward. She had no idea what had just happened. Her body felt like it was on fire inside, but it wasn't painful. She felt dizzy, and then she suddenly collapsed. Cameron quickly managed to grab her before she could fell on the ground”

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