Meet Annabel this world's only hope

The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One

The most beautiful place you will ever see holds some of the most deadly creatures you will ever know. Annabel Carver wasn't even supposed to go to Woodsgate her friend Kim was the one who had the summer job but curious and lonely Annabel went anyways and what happens next you will have to READ to believe...


Annabel's pulse raced as the hairs on her neck stood up while she walked closer to the gateway. The gateway was in a large clearing about two hundred yards away from the ranger's station. Two, large motionless, men silently, stood guard. Annabel glanced at them as she neared the portal to study it further. Annabel recognized them from the bar as two of the many who had frequented there.

As a guardian you will be assigned a partner, for safety reasons. I believe that Vince will make a perfect partner for you. He has worked as a guardian since he was very young and I know you will be safe with him.” Patrick explained. Annabel turned to Patrick who was standing behind her now, and then she quickly smiled at him. “Now for the blood oath, are you ready Annabel?”  


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Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire series Book One

"Day turned to night all in an instant and before he could close his eyes to rest he spotted what appeared to be a woman. Landry assumed he was now crazy and dying and this was his angel coming to take him home.

The beautiful woman seemed to walk on the water towards him. Once she reached him she leaned down and pulled him up and out of the water.

Her strength was unlike anything Landry had ever seen. He looked up at her radiant face, smiled, and then he passed out from exhaustion. This was to be one of the last memories Landry had as a human.


The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One "Bait Shop"

The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles 

Book One

Sam Y Cats

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excerpts from "The Bait Shop"

Annabel hastily entered the bait shop. She was surprised to see what appeared to be an actual bait shop and grocery store. She looked around the store as she walked slowly towards the counter.

“Hey there.” Cameron said as he emerged from a door behind the counter.

“Hi Cameron. Do you work here too?” Annabel replied as she walked behind the counter.

“No. I wanted to be here to help. You are new to all of this stuff so I thought you'd like a familiar face here to show you the ropes.” Cameron grinned.

“Oh, well thank you.”

“Come on back into what we call our, toy room.” Cameron joked as he opened the back door, and then they both walked into the room. Annabel's eyes widened at the sight of the room. 

There were racks and rolls of guns, crossbows, and just about every kind of weapon she could think of.

“Holy crap! I get to learn how to use all of these?” Annabel grasped as she reached to pick up a beautiful, silver, crossbow. “I've always wanted to learn how to use one of these.” Annabel aimed the bow in no particular direction, and then she quickly released the trigger. “Wow, this is a thing of beauty.”

“Yes, you get to learn how to use all of these fine weapons. I can teach you how to use that one, in particular, myself.” Cameron grinned at her as he watched her examine more weapons. “I've been hunting since I was eight or so and the crossbow was my first weapon.”

“Hunting? Regular hunting not monster hunting?” Annabel asked as she continued to studying the weapons.

“Yes, regular hunting. My father Steve, taught me. Hunting was our thing.”

“So, when did you join the guardians?”

“I joined the guardians after my father was killed, that was five years ago.”

“I'm sorry about your father.” Annabel mournfully replied as she looked at Cameron.

“I take comfort in knowing that he was a guardian, a good man, and he died protecting this world. So I must do the same to honor his memory.”

“Well, as far as I can tell Cameron you are a great man. So, take comfort in knowing that if your father could see you now, he would be very proud.” Annabel remarked, and then she quickly went back to examining the weapons. Cameron smiled at her for her pleasing comment.

“You seem to like our toy room of weapons?”


Just than a large, rolled faced man entered the room. Annabel immediately stopped touching the weapons, and then she looked at him expecting him to yell at her. But the man just walked over to her, smiled, and then he pulled a tape measure from his pocket.

“Do you mind, I need to measure you for your armor suit.” The man said as Annabel eagerly nodded.

Annabel then silently mouthed, “Armor! This is so cool!” To Cameron. 
Cameron chuckled at her comment. 

The man quickly measured Annabel's shoulders, and then he measured her torso. “I should have your suit ready first thing in the morning.” The man said as he put the tape measure back in his pocket.

“That's it, and I will have a suit of armor in the morning, sir? Sorry, I don't know your name.”

“Sherman, is my name. Come back first thing tomorrow for your suit.” Sherman politely replied, and then he quickly exited the room.

“Thank you, Sherman.” Annabel quickly said as the door closed behind him. “Do you have a suit too?” Annabel looked over to Cameron as she asked.

“Yes, all of us humans must wear a suit. I have mine on right now.” Cameron answered as he gestured to himself. “The suit is made of this amazing material that I couldn't begin to understand nor explain. Patrick had the suit specially designed to protect the non-immortal guardians, like you and me.”

Annabel looked Cameron up and down to see if she could detect any trace of a suit under his clothes. Whatever kind of material the suit was made from must have been very thin. Annabel could not see lumps under his clothing, like there would be if a person was wearing layers of clothes. She was amazed, and then she felt safer knowing that these suits would help protect her.

Suddenly the door opened, and then sheriff Lurkin walked in with a look of distress on his face. “Oh good I found you Annabel I need your help right away.”

“Me? Okay, whatever you need.”


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I found a review for "Landry Summerbee" Longing Pulse 1. This is the first edition of this book which was originally a short story. The book is book one of five and your introduction to the very charming British vampire Landry. 

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Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire Series 
Book One 

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Landry hid and ran for centuries and yet he still ended up falling for the one thing he can never have; true love.

Maya died long ago but she’s never felt more alive than when Landry touches her.

Duncan doesn’t know just why he sees the dead, but just maybe his gift will save his cousin Maya’s immortal soul.

Corrin, vampire leader and protector of many will have to face up to some big mistakes from her past in order to help Landry even if doing so will put her life in jeopardy.  

Christian waited and watched and now his chance to have her again has come; who will she choose.

This is the book you must get, it is the first in a five piece series unlike any other in it's genre, the twists and turns this book takes will have you on the edge of your bed at times and then crying the next. I included all the great Vampirism" stuff we vampire lovers like and the romance is unreal and yet so touching. 

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"The Culling" Woodsgate Chronicles Book One Book Trailer

The Culling 
Woodsgate Chronicles 
Book One

Sam Y Cats

Annabel had decided that she had packed entirely too much stuff once she reached the twentieth stair. 

"What am I going to do with half this stuff in the middle of nowhere?" She relentlessly tugged at her suitcase. "Good thing I'm in shape!" She finally reached the top with ease.

She turned to take in the marvelous view from the station porch. "Holy cow! What a view." Annabel's jaw dropped open. "This is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen." 

She could see the entire east side of the lake and the surrounding forest which also covered the mountain peaks. She turned towards the door and spotted the welcome mat that Vince had told her about. She quickly reached for the key and unlocked the old, wooden, door and then she eagerly, walked inside.

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Vampire vs gypsy

 "Endless Love Quenched"
Book One
Longing Pulse A Vampire Series

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Landry edged the car towards the gypsy camp coordinates. Maya remained in chains alongside him.

“Are you sure we’re in the right place, Landry? We’ve been driving down this dirt road forever, maybe we passed a turn off or something back there somewhere.”
No, no, we’re almost there. Listen. You hear that?” Landry could hear people and other noises off in the darken trees ahead. He rolled the car to a stop and quickly got out. He rounded the car and opened Maya’s door. 
“Come on, my love I’ve got you. Let’s get you some help, shall we?” He pulled her from the car.
“Not one more step further man, or I’ll blow a hole right through your vampire heart.” A shadowed figure just ahead of them cocked a gun.
“Hey, now mate. Relax. We mean no harm.”
“Don’t care, mate! Get on now!” The figure moved out of the darkness.
“I was sent by Corrin, she said that someone here would know how to help us.”
“Don’t care as I said. We don’t allow strangers in, so get on!” The man looked at Maya and then he looked down at the chains. “What kind of sick shit is this man?” The man moved closer as he seemed to be examining Maya’s face. “What the hell are you, girlie?”
“Hey, mate, just step back now, she’s with me okay.”
“Shut up for shit sakes, MATE!”
“Fine. Just take it easy okay?”

“Now, I’m not going to repeat myself stranger, you and this ungodly creature go ahead and get back into your fancy car there.” The man raised the gun up and pointed directly at Landry’s face. “Go back to the city where you belong so I don’t have to shoot up your pretty boy face.” 


The Vampire Corrin Cross

Corrin was born, Anastasia Corrin Croscova. Born into a life of privilege, she was the youngest child of King Croscova, King of Germany, in the year 1042. King Croscova was a merciless ruler but he was a softhearted husband and father, unless you crossed him. Corrin had always felt powerless and at the mercy of her very powerful father. He controlled everything in her life but not directly. There was a legion of servants on hand to dull out the orders given and make sure that Corrin did adhere to them. Fear had her trapped for years, and that was why she had her rules in place.

Landry’s thirst for blood had increased and so had his sexual desires. So Corrin had him brought two young and beautiful ladies, both would serve as food and pleasure. Corrin had explained to him that his desires would change as he had changed from a simple fisherman into a blood crazed devil of the night. His days had become a prison, locked away from the sun’s rays, and his night’s a battlefield on which he was a hunter and everyone else was now his food and enemy. Corrin was his teacher and savior, she was all he had now and she kept him very close to her. She favored him over her more than two dozen loyal family members, all of them chosen by her over the centuries; some of the most beautiful, and all of them special or unique in some way or another. She was particular about her family and who could bare the Cross name.

He didn’t understand why she liked to watch as he made love to the women she had brought to him gathered nightly. She seemed to enjoy the sex more than he did, not that it wasn’t pleasing to him it was. However, it was more of a cession to the hunger for blood for him. Stroking a beautiful breast with his tongue kept his mind off of ripping off her pretty head. Hearing her sounds of pleasure calmed him down and made the pain of the unsatisfied hunger quiet for a moment.


There was another lovely bare naked lady in bed for him to move to once he could no longer drink for fear of killing the innocent. He had learned to not kill as taught by Corrin, all of them willing ladies begging to be devoured by the gorgeous Landry. He loved to drink from their inner thigh after pleasuring them. 


     There were many willing young and beautiful gentlemen and ladies that came to them in every town, province, and country that the Cross family traveled. All the blood and sex could not fill the desire for love that he held on to even after his death, the wanting, the hoping, the complete desperation for love held on to him somehow, and so he was always unsatisfied.

"Endless Love Quenched" 
Book One 
Longing Pulse series by Sam Y Cats

Available in March subscribe for emails to get your FREE copy


Your Eyes Control Me Landry

"Endless Love Quenched"
Book One
by Sam Y Cats

Enjoy some moments between a vampire and a ghost, meet Landry and Maya.

“Maya had forgotten how much she enjoyed kissing. She loved being that close to his amazing eyes that had her gripped to them at times. She could see herself swimming in those indigo eyes, like a dolphin in the mighty ocean.

Landry gently nibbled on her bottom lip and she moaned softly. Normally, the biting would cause him to become hungry for blood but with her there was no blood. No blood, no hunger for feeding from her. However, he was going to need to feed and he knew she would need to as well. But he wanted to please her and her other senses first. He blew slowly on her ear and around it and then he licked the rim of her earlobe and then he blew on her ear again which tickled her causing her to giggle. 

She squeezed her arms around him tighter while pressing her nails into his back pinching him. She immediately apologized to which he laughed then told her to scratch him harder. She smiled as she dug her nails into him. He moaned as he lifted her up into his arms and then he braced her body up against the wall. He peeled off her…”

I give you the gorgeous and loyal Duncan, the human who sees dead people and Maya’s cousin.

“Duncan couldn’t care less if half the people at the bar must have thought he was crazy as he talked to himself out loud. Something he did when he had one too many to drink but tonight it was Maya who had caused his current outburst.
“There’s no way they didn’t see me there waving my hands and yelling in the middle of the damn ass street. Aren’t vamp… (he stopped himself and said the rest softer)…ires supposed to have heighten senses or some shit like that?”
He took a drink from his whiskey on the rocks and stared into the crowed bar at no one in particular.
“I know she heard me, she can hear a cat’s heartbeat from as far as across the street. So there’s no way she didn’t hear, she ignored me! That’s it! She completely ignored me and ran off with old blue eyes!” [He made a funny face]”

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