Meet Annabel this world's only hope

The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One

The most beautiful place you will ever see holds some of the most deadly creatures you will ever know. Annabel Carver wasn't even supposed to go to Woodsgate her friend Kim was the one who had the summer job but curious and lonely Annabel went anyways and what happens next you will have to READ to believe...


Annabel's pulse raced as the hairs on her neck stood up while she walked closer to the gateway. The gateway was in a large clearing about two hundred yards away from the ranger's station. Two, large motionless, men silently, stood guard. Annabel glanced at them as she neared the portal to study it further. Annabel recognized them from the bar as two of the many who had frequented there.

As a guardian you will be assigned a partner, for safety reasons. I believe that Vince will make a perfect partner for you. He has worked as a guardian since he was very young and I know you will be safe with him.” Patrick explained. Annabel turned to Patrick who was standing behind her now, and then she quickly smiled at him. “Now for the blood oath, are you ready Annabel?”  


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