"The Culling" Woodsgate Chronicles Book One Book Trailer

The Culling 
Woodsgate Chronicles 
Book One

Sam Y Cats

Annabel had decided that she had packed entirely too much stuff once she reached the twentieth stair. 

"What am I going to do with half this stuff in the middle of nowhere?" She relentlessly tugged at her suitcase. "Good thing I'm in shape!" She finally reached the top with ease.

She turned to take in the marvelous view from the station porch. "Holy cow! What a view." Annabel's jaw dropped open. "This is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen." 

She could see the entire east side of the lake and the surrounding forest which also covered the mountain peaks. She turned towards the door and spotted the welcome mat that Vince had told her about. She quickly reached for the key and unlocked the old, wooden, door and then she eagerly, walked inside.

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