The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles Book One "Bait Shop"

The Culling Woodsgate Chronicles 

Book One

Sam Y Cats

Available for PRE-ORDER in MARCH on KINDLE on sale APRIL

excerpts from "The Bait Shop"

Annabel hastily entered the bait shop. She was surprised to see what appeared to be an actual bait shop and grocery store. She looked around the store as she walked slowly towards the counter.

“Hey there.” Cameron said as he emerged from a door behind the counter.

“Hi Cameron. Do you work here too?” Annabel replied as she walked behind the counter.

“No. I wanted to be here to help. You are new to all of this stuff so I thought you'd like a familiar face here to show you the ropes.” Cameron grinned.

“Oh, well thank you.”

“Come on back into what we call our, toy room.” Cameron joked as he opened the back door, and then they both walked into the room. Annabel's eyes widened at the sight of the room. 

There were racks and rolls of guns, crossbows, and just about every kind of weapon she could think of.

“Holy crap! I get to learn how to use all of these?” Annabel grasped as she reached to pick up a beautiful, silver, crossbow. “I've always wanted to learn how to use one of these.” Annabel aimed the bow in no particular direction, and then she quickly released the trigger. “Wow, this is a thing of beauty.”

“Yes, you get to learn how to use all of these fine weapons. I can teach you how to use that one, in particular, myself.” Cameron grinned at her as he watched her examine more weapons. “I've been hunting since I was eight or so and the crossbow was my first weapon.”

“Hunting? Regular hunting not monster hunting?” Annabel asked as she continued to studying the weapons.

“Yes, regular hunting. My father Steve, taught me. Hunting was our thing.”

“So, when did you join the guardians?”

“I joined the guardians after my father was killed, that was five years ago.”

“I'm sorry about your father.” Annabel mournfully replied as she looked at Cameron.

“I take comfort in knowing that he was a guardian, a good man, and he died protecting this world. So I must do the same to honor his memory.”

“Well, as far as I can tell Cameron you are a great man. So, take comfort in knowing that if your father could see you now, he would be very proud.” Annabel remarked, and then she quickly went back to examining the weapons. Cameron smiled at her for her pleasing comment.

“You seem to like our toy room of weapons?”


Just than a large, rolled faced man entered the room. Annabel immediately stopped touching the weapons, and then she looked at him expecting him to yell at her. But the man just walked over to her, smiled, and then he pulled a tape measure from his pocket.

“Do you mind, I need to measure you for your armor suit.” The man said as Annabel eagerly nodded.

Annabel then silently mouthed, “Armor! This is so cool!” To Cameron. 
Cameron chuckled at her comment. 

The man quickly measured Annabel's shoulders, and then he measured her torso. “I should have your suit ready first thing in the morning.” The man said as he put the tape measure back in his pocket.

“That's it, and I will have a suit of armor in the morning, sir? Sorry, I don't know your name.”

“Sherman, is my name. Come back first thing tomorrow for your suit.” Sherman politely replied, and then he quickly exited the room.

“Thank you, Sherman.” Annabel quickly said as the door closed behind him. “Do you have a suit too?” Annabel looked over to Cameron as she asked.

“Yes, all of us humans must wear a suit. I have mine on right now.” Cameron answered as he gestured to himself. “The suit is made of this amazing material that I couldn't begin to understand nor explain. Patrick had the suit specially designed to protect the non-immortal guardians, like you and me.”

Annabel looked Cameron up and down to see if she could detect any trace of a suit under his clothes. Whatever kind of material the suit was made from must have been very thin. Annabel could not see lumps under his clothing, like there would be if a person was wearing layers of clothes. She was amazed, and then she felt safer knowing that these suits would help protect her.

Suddenly the door opened, and then sheriff Lurkin walked in with a look of distress on his face. “Oh good I found you Annabel I need your help right away.”

“Me? Okay, whatever you need.”

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