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Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire Series 
Book One 

Available in March on Amazon Kindle...

Landry hid and ran for centuries and yet he still ended up falling for the one thing he can never have; true love.

Maya died long ago but she’s never felt more alive than when Landry touches her.

Duncan doesn’t know just why he sees the dead, but just maybe his gift will save his cousin Maya’s immortal soul.

Corrin, vampire leader and protector of many will have to face up to some big mistakes from her past in order to help Landry even if doing so will put her life in jeopardy.  

Christian waited and watched and now his chance to have her again has come; who will she choose.

This is the book you must get, it is the first in a five piece series unlike any other in it's genre, the twists and turns this book takes will have you on the edge of your bed at times and then crying the next. I included all the great Vampirism" stuff we vampire lovers like and the romance is unreal and yet so touching. 

Please mark you calendars or subscribe to this blog; this book drops by the end of the month and it kicks off my set list.

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