Vampire vs gypsy

 "Endless Love Quenched"
Book One
Longing Pulse A Vampire Series

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Landry edged the car towards the gypsy camp coordinates. Maya remained in chains alongside him.

“Are you sure we’re in the right place, Landry? We’ve been driving down this dirt road forever, maybe we passed a turn off or something back there somewhere.”
No, no, we’re almost there. Listen. You hear that?” Landry could hear people and other noises off in the darken trees ahead. He rolled the car to a stop and quickly got out. He rounded the car and opened Maya’s door. 
“Come on, my love I’ve got you. Let’s get you some help, shall we?” He pulled her from the car.
“Not one more step further man, or I’ll blow a hole right through your vampire heart.” A shadowed figure just ahead of them cocked a gun.
“Hey, now mate. Relax. We mean no harm.”
“Don’t care, mate! Get on now!” The figure moved out of the darkness.
“I was sent by Corrin, she said that someone here would know how to help us.”
“Don’t care as I said. We don’t allow strangers in, so get on!” The man looked at Maya and then he looked down at the chains. “What kind of sick shit is this man?” The man moved closer as he seemed to be examining Maya’s face. “What the hell are you, girlie?”
“Hey, mate, just step back now, she’s with me okay.”
“Shut up for shit sakes, MATE!”
“Fine. Just take it easy okay?”

“Now, I’m not going to repeat myself stranger, you and this ungodly creature go ahead and get back into your fancy car there.” The man raised the gun up and pointed directly at Landry’s face. “Go back to the city where you belong so I don’t have to shoot up your pretty boy face.” 

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