Your Eyes Control Me Landry

"Endless Love Quenched"
Book One
by Sam Y Cats

Enjoy some moments between a vampire and a ghost, meet Landry and Maya.

“Maya had forgotten how much she enjoyed kissing. She loved being that close to his amazing eyes that had her gripped to them at times. She could see herself swimming in those indigo eyes, like a dolphin in the mighty ocean.

Landry gently nibbled on her bottom lip and she moaned softly. Normally, the biting would cause him to become hungry for blood but with her there was no blood. No blood, no hunger for feeding from her. However, he was going to need to feed and he knew she would need to as well. But he wanted to please her and her other senses first. He blew slowly on her ear and around it and then he licked the rim of her earlobe and then he blew on her ear again which tickled her causing her to giggle. 

She squeezed her arms around him tighter while pressing her nails into his back pinching him. She immediately apologized to which he laughed then told her to scratch him harder. She smiled as she dug her nails into him. He moaned as he lifted her up into his arms and then he braced her body up against the wall. He peeled off her…”

I give you the gorgeous and loyal Duncan, the human who sees dead people and Maya’s cousin.

“Duncan couldn’t care less if half the people at the bar must have thought he was crazy as he talked to himself out loud. Something he did when he had one too many to drink but tonight it was Maya who had caused his current outburst.
“There’s no way they didn’t see me there waving my hands and yelling in the middle of the damn ass street. Aren’t vamp… (he stopped himself and said the rest softer)…ires supposed to have heighten senses or some shit like that?”
He took a drink from his whiskey on the rocks and stared into the crowed bar at no one in particular.
“I know she heard me, she can hear a cat’s heartbeat from as far as across the street. So there’s no way she didn’t hear, she ignored me! That’s it! She completely ignored me and ran off with old blue eyes!” [He made a funny face]”

I hope you had some fun getting to know my three main characters from “Endless Love Quenched” Book One of the bestselling series Longing Pulse available in March. Watch for details here on my blog, twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Also make sure to subscribe to my blog for email promotions on FREE eBook offers. 

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