A true gentleman always saves the girl

As he drifted off into a nice slumber he found himself in a gentlemen’s club, the likes of which Landry could never afford. There a beautiful woman made her way down a spiral staircase and headed right for Landry. She took him by the hand and led him off into one of the many rooms. She tossed him onto the bed, and then she quickly mounted him. Landry grew excited. He placed his hands on the woman’s hips. She looked down into his eyes, and then she untied her undergarment just below her chest and her gown opened exposing her breasts.

Landry tossed about in ecstasy, below deck while he continued to make love to the woman in his dream.

“I thought that once we died that was it and there is nothing else but I’ve been cursed, confused and trapped here in this ghostly girl shape for over three years. There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is only endless hunger.”

“I’ve felt the same way for centuries, Maya. Until now, that is.”

“What’s different now, Landry? We still need to feed to stay alive.”

“Yes, true…but now we are together. We’re no longer alone, we have each other. I love you, Maya and that means a lot. Love is strong. It’s the strongest force I’ve seen and trust me I’ve seen it all in the last four hundred plus years and underneath all of that pain and shit out there I’ve witnessed the magic that love can create, and how that magic can, and does flourish.”

“Help!” Megan stood in the middle of the living room. She was staring at Maya who was levitating in the air. The whites of Maya’s eyes were showing.

“What the hell?” Duncan walked slowly over to Maya’s floating body.
“Don’t touch her, Duncan!” Megan put her hand out.
“I’m going to. This has never happened before!”

She suffers waiting in a ghost like formed body longing for the life she should have had....

Vast is the vampire family which hide in the darkness...

Only Landry can save Maya from the evil force inside of her--or will he fail to save the one he loves....


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