The Epic Fantasy series Woodsgate Chronicles

I'm so pleased to be able to bring to life this epic fantasy series Woodsgate Chronicles books 1-5

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The little girl anxiously tugged at the lace, ruffles on her dress as she walked towards the dark room. Her little heart pounded inside her chest for she was all too familiar with the dark room. She had been in the room many times before scared and alone. She could remember the feeling of the pain as though she was conditioned into it somehow. Her sweet, tender, hand shook as she turned the door knob to enter the dark room. She could feel the air as it grew, dry, hot, and sour. Once inside the room she tried to run for the door as she felt the familiar stinging pain which started in her legs. The pain was so intense it stopped her in her tracks. The darkness moved around her body bringing with it a horrific ache, like thousand tiny electric whips, each lashing at her skin. She tried to yell out as the darkness entered her mouth, and then it swallowed her voice.


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