Fireworks and Vampires

Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire series
Book 1

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He gently tugged at Maya’s arm. 

She appeared to him to be sleeping, something he’d never seen her do before. She looked so peaceful almost a shame to wake her, he thought. But if there was a chance that the evil might take over her while she slept he wasn’t going to risk that happening. 

So he shook her again, until she opened her eyes. 

“Were you dreaming or something?” 

“Kiss me, Landry!” 

“Huh? Okay.” He kissed Maya. 

She tried to move her arms to hug him but she was still chained to the bed. 

Landry moved to unchain her but she stopped him. 

She got up onto her knees facing the headboard, presenting her bare, backside to him. He placed his hands on her shoulders as he kissed her neck. He spread her knees as he eased up into her from behind.

Slow at first, and then he quickened his pace. She leaned back into him and turned her head to kiss him. He moved his hands around her hips so he could press her against him harder. 

For several minutes they pushed into each other, until finally collapsing onto the bed in recovering from a blissful orgasm.



Feed me gorgeous vampire

As they arrived at their intended location in the forest just outside of town, Landry turned to Maya and chuckled.

“You know, I’m pretty sure that was Duncan I heard back at the house, I think he was trying to chase us since we left the apartment. You heard him, right?”

“He is just trying to control my life or my non-existing life is all. He’s got it in his head that this new way of feeding isn’t going to work, I guess and I just don’t want to hear it is all.”

Her emotions started to rise as they often did when she was very upset, even more now that she was a ghost. He noticed her spiritual aura change to a red from its normal, snow, pure, white color.

“Maya, look at me.”

He took her by her shoulders gently and looked down into her eyes which were beginning to fill with tears. 

“Maya, it is okay, my darling. I promise you it will all be okay, I’m here now. You’re hungry and I will feed you.”

He turned towards the trees and then he raced off into the forest. He called out to her to follow his voice. She quickly did so and she found him in the middle of a herd of cattle. She would be able to draw from the herd of cattle until she was more than full and he too would get his fill from them as well.

She seemed to get a huge jolt of energy after feeding that made you feel a little like she was drunk, she thought as she finished feeding.

He was quite delighted in her recovering and he loved seeing her smile again. He could hear a waterfall in the distance and he wanted to take her swimming or at least try and get her wet. She was so curious and so she naturally chased after him when he ran off towards the waterfall as he called for her to follow him.

She could have flown after him but she was having fun pertaining to be a live girl again, and a living girl can’t float or fly. So she jogged through the trees and passed the bushes moving them with her hands instead of floating through everything as she had before. She could remember what it all felt like before, the many textures but Landry was all she could actually feel now. She could hear him just ahead of her yelling to her.

He removed his clothes and then he jumped into the cool, pond water splashing Maya with water as he landed. She laughed and quickly took off her clothes and then she waited for him to look her as she dived gracefully into the pond. He clapped his hands, very impressed with her form. She smiled as she heard him and then she bowed to him. He thought she looked adorable naked and wet and she was so much fun too. She could make him relax and just have fun as though he wasn’t a cursed vampire.

Maya swam under the water over to the waterfall, Landry quickly followed behind her and as she came up underneath the water of the waterfall, he emerged alongside her and grabbed a hold of her by her waist. The waterfall poured down gently over their heads soaking them. He pulled her closer and kissed her as she pulled herself closer still returning his kisses and holding onto him with her hands around his shoulders. She felt the wetness from his kisses and she could only imagine the feeling of the flowing water as it washed over their firm, wet bodies. 

He reached down and lifted her up into his arms and then he carried her out of the water and onto the shore where he laid her down. 

She would have been cold if she were alive laying there dripping wet underneath his dripping wet body. He studied her body with his eyes while he ran his index finger slowly up her leg, thigh, hip, pausing on her navel as he smiled at her and she giggled. He leaned down and kissed her belly and she sighed. He kissed her again further down her belly, and then again, working his way towards her inner thigh. She giggled slightly until he reached her moistest spot and then she moaned loudly. He licked her as he wrapped her thighs around his face, pleasantly burying his face between them.



"The Culling" extras from Annabel's Journal

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Extra material from “Carry Me” coming soon from author Sam Y Cats. “Carry Me”, the second book in the “Woodsgate Chronicles” series brings us back into the newly discovered world of Woodsgate and all the delightful supernatural creatures that live there. Annabel our main character is facing all new challenges in this sequel to “The Culling”, along with the excitement of falling in love for the first time.

"Diary entry: October 17, 2015

Hello from Woodsgate,

Deputy Annabel Carver here, ha ha, I love saying that! I'm so tired. I don't know just how much longer I can hold out without any sleep. I don't want to see those horrible images again. No, I'm not going to sleep again, not until those nightmares end, or I guess I die from lack of sleep, whichever comes first. 

Cameron will be here soon and he can't know about the dreams. I couldn't stand if he knew just how messed up I really am. No, I'm not going to tell him, we just started seeing each other and I'm still getting used to having him around and if he knows about the nightmares he'll think I'm crazy. Anyways, I'll write again tomorrow with a full report about my day with Cameron. I really like him! Correction, I more than like him but I dare not write down any other words for now. 

Bye for now,

Annabel Carver."


Endless Love Quenched "Chain Her"

Bad Girl in Chains

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Enter the beautifully dark and sexy world of Maya and Landry the two epic lovers from Endless Love Quenched.

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Level of heat is WARM for this series so enjoy this devilishly steamy book teaser alone or with a close friend...

Book teaser scene from pages 186-188 

Landry hid the chains on Maya’s wrists under a large parka coat he found in the trunk of the car. He didn’t want anyone noticing the chains and calling the police on them. They managed to get into the motel room without a problem, now to get them cleaned off. Seemed simple enough, except he remembered Corrin’s warning about the cast-iron chains and how he should not remove them.

“I need to keep those chains on your wrists, Maya.”

“I know but how will I wash off?”

“I’ll wash you off.”

“Okay. Just how do you plan on getting my shirt and bra off?”

He leaned down and bit into her blouse on the shoulder and with his sharp fangs he easily tore the blouse. He then ripped the blouse the rest of the way off of her with his hands. Maya couldn’t help but be turned on as her lover continued to rip her bra off as well followed by her pants and panties.

They locked into a kiss and quickly stumbled into the shower. Landry had to do most of the work which he didn’t mind. She put her chained wrists around the back of his neck as she wrapped her legs around his wet hips. She slipped a little and he thrust into her, slamming her backside up against the shower wall. She moaned as he entered her gorged walls. He braced himself with one hand on the wall and the other hand on her ass, moving her up and down on him, plunging himself deeper each time. Maya clenched down hard and bit his lip as she climaxed.

“Oh, wow! Oh, ouch!”

“Ah! I’m sorry…did I hurt you?”

He placed her down. “No…well maybe a little.”

They lied down on the bed.

“You must be hungry?”

“Yes, but I don’t think you’ll find us any wildlife around here.”

“Probably not but I’m going to have to try anyways.” He chained her to the bed’s headboard.

“You don’t trust me?” 

“Of course I do. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”


Endless Love Quenched

The forest teaser

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Smoking HOT book teaser, hope you brought a towel...

(Page 54)

“Are you full or do you need more?” He asked.

“Huh? I need more…” She answered him with intent of getting more of his touches.

“Okay, I will get another bunny for you then.” He moved to go hunt but she quickly stopped him.

“No, sorry I didn’t mean I was still hungry. I was not thinking about food.” She felt like if she could she would blush a little at her own comment.

“Okay, then what do you need more of because I can get you just about whatever you can think of?” Landry replied with a half-smile and a very deep sexual undertone in his voice that seemed to set Maya on fire inside.

“I want more of you, Landry.” She let slip. “I mean…”

“No, you can’t correct yourself. You said you want more of me.” He smiled as he hugged her close. He leaned in, and then he kissed her deeply.

Her body began to float a little off of the ground. He noticed her floating, and so he pulled her tighter to him. She could feel so many sensations awakened throughout her body. She could even feel some of the reactions that his body was having as well.

Maya lost full control as she let Landry take over her body with his. She had complete trust in him for some reason. After all, she was a ghost but yet she could feel his body and there was something to that for her.

He kissed down her neck as he removed her clothing. “Are you sure Maya—this might hurt?” He whispered softly into her ear.

“I doubt that you can hurt me Landry.” She nodded with willing eyes as she pushed her naked flesh against his. “Don’t stop—I promise I will be fine.”

He reached down and pulled his aching staff from his pants. “Normally I would need to numb you first by biting you but you’re not human so that won’t be possible. I will just have to ease myself inside you slowly then—hold on to me.”

“I will.” Her eyes widened at the sight of him and she did as he instructed.

Landry placed her down on the grassy, forest floor as he eased himself up into her, slow at first and then he quickened his paced as he lost control.

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