Endless Love Quenched

The forest teaser

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Smoking HOT book teaser, hope you brought a towel...

(Page 54)

“Are you full or do you need more?” He asked.

“Huh? I need more…” She answered him with intent of getting more of his touches.

“Okay, I will get another bunny for you then.” He moved to go hunt but she quickly stopped him.

“No, sorry I didn’t mean I was still hungry. I was not thinking about food.” She felt like if she could she would blush a little at her own comment.

“Okay, then what do you need more of because I can get you just about whatever you can think of?” Landry replied with a half-smile and a very deep sexual undertone in his voice that seemed to set Maya on fire inside.

“I want more of you, Landry.” She let slip. “I mean…”

“No, you can’t correct yourself. You said you want more of me.” He smiled as he hugged her close. He leaned in, and then he kissed her deeply.

Her body began to float a little off of the ground. He noticed her floating, and so he pulled her tighter to him. She could feel so many sensations awakened throughout her body. She could even feel some of the reactions that his body was having as well.

Maya lost full control as she let Landry take over her body with his. She had complete trust in him for some reason. After all, she was a ghost but yet she could feel his body and there was something to that for her.

He kissed down her neck as he removed her clothing. “Are you sure Maya—this might hurt?” He whispered softly into her ear.

“I doubt that you can hurt me Landry.” She nodded with willing eyes as she pushed her naked flesh against his. “Don’t stop—I promise I will be fine.”

He reached down and pulled his aching staff from his pants. “Normally I would need to numb you first by biting you but you’re not human so that won’t be possible. I will just have to ease myself inside you slowly then—hold on to me.”

“I will.” Her eyes widened at the sight of him and she did as he instructed.

Landry placed her down on the grassy, forest floor as he eased himself up into her, slow at first and then he quickened his paced as he lost control.

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