Fireworks and Vampires

Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire series
Book 1

On Sale July 4th

He gently tugged at Maya’s arm. 

She appeared to him to be sleeping, something he’d never seen her do before. She looked so peaceful almost a shame to wake her, he thought. But if there was a chance that the evil might take over her while she slept he wasn’t going to risk that happening. 

So he shook her again, until she opened her eyes. 

“Were you dreaming or something?” 

“Kiss me, Landry!” 

“Huh? Okay.” He kissed Maya. 

She tried to move her arms to hug him but she was still chained to the bed. 

Landry moved to unchain her but she stopped him. 

She got up onto her knees facing the headboard, presenting her bare, backside to him. He placed his hands on her shoulders as he kissed her neck. He spread her knees as he eased up into her from behind.

Slow at first, and then he quickened his pace. She leaned back into him and turned her head to kiss him. He moved his hands around her hips so he could press her against him harder. 

For several minutes they pushed into each other, until finally collapsing onto the bed in recovering from a blissful orgasm.


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