"The Culling" extras from Annabel's Journal

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Extra material from “Carry Me” coming soon from author Sam Y Cats. “Carry Me”, the second book in the “Woodsgate Chronicles” series brings us back into the newly discovered world of Woodsgate and all the delightful supernatural creatures that live there. Annabel our main character is facing all new challenges in this sequel to “The Culling”, along with the excitement of falling in love for the first time.

"Diary entry: October 17, 2015

Hello from Woodsgate,

Deputy Annabel Carver here, ha ha, I love saying that! I'm so tired. I don't know just how much longer I can hold out without any sleep. I don't want to see those horrible images again. No, I'm not going to sleep again, not until those nightmares end, or I guess I die from lack of sleep, whichever comes first. 

Cameron will be here soon and he can't know about the dreams. I couldn't stand if he knew just how messed up I really am. No, I'm not going to tell him, we just started seeing each other and I'm still getting used to having him around and if he knows about the nightmares he'll think I'm crazy. Anyways, I'll write again tomorrow with a full report about my day with Cameron. I really like him! Correction, I more than like him but I dare not write down any other words for now. 

Bye for now,

Annabel Carver."

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