Annabel Becomes a Badass

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The Culling
Woodsgate Chronicles 
Book 1

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Vince stood sternly looking at his watch. She hated being late and she had somehow lost track of time and she was now late for training with Vince. Annabel raced up the hill to the location they were going to meet. As she neared Vince she noticed his irritated demeanor. It seemed she could do very little to please the good deputy Vince.

He pointed to his watch as Annabel nodded. At least, he didn't launch into a long lecture like a parent. He removed his shirt, and then he tossed it on to a tree branch. Annabel was impressed with Vince’s very muscular physique. 

“I am not going to remove my shirt.” Annabel joked. Vince raised his brow, and then he laughed.

“Come on.” He replied as he motioned for her to come over to him. “Let's get started.” He ordered as she walked over to him. “I am going to train you to fight with your hands, feet, and other parts of your body. Your entire body will become a weapon, once I’m finished,” Vince instructed as he suddenly grabbed Annabel's hands, and then he held them up in the air. “You will not always be able to use your powers so you must learn how to defend yourself.” He released Annabel's hands, and then he kicked the inside of her right feet. “Open your stance.” He gruffly said as she moved her feet apart. “Good. Now I want you to use your small size to your advantage.” Vince instructed. Annabel squinted her eyes at his comment about her height.

Suddenly Vince threw a slowed-down, but still fast-enough-to-hurt left hook right at Annabel's face. She dodged the hook and he let out an “oomph” when failed to connect.

“Good! You have quick reflexes, which will be useful.” He gasped with a half-smile on his face as though he was both surprised and impressed. She wondered if that meant he had planned to actually hit her. Then he took her hand and he placed it on his left forearm. “This time when I swing, I want you to grab my arm, like this.” He clinched her hand tighter around his arm. “Then turn your body…” He moved her hips and helped her maneuver around his body. “…and pull me over your shoulders. Let my weight do all the work.” Vince motioned as Annabel nodded.

He threw a second left hook faster this time. Annabel quickly dodged the hook, grabbed his arm, turned her body as he had shown her, and then in one quick seamless motion she pulled his large muscular body over her head sending him on to his back.

Vince stood up unfazed, and then he quickly threw a right hook, which Annabel dodged. He immediately, followed up a left upper cut. He landed his second mighty blow sending Annabel flying backward, and landing onto her butt.

Annabel quickly recovered, “yeah I guess he did mean to hit me,” she thought and then she stood up angry. She closed her eyes, and then she sent Vince flying into the trees with her mind. Vince hit a tree trunk and several branches before landing on his side on the ground. He moaned then stood up stunned.

“What the hell was that? I said no powers.” He shook his head in anger.

“Well, what the hell were you doing? You hit my face so I just reacted.” She yelled back at him matching his gruff tone.

“That was great.” Cameron yelled as he clapped loudly while he approached them. “Nice work Annabel. Walk it off Vince, you'll be fine.” Cameron grinned. Annabel hide her amusement.

“Mind your business, Cameron. You train her your way and I will train her my way.” Vince snapped.

“I was just impressed that she took you down, that's all. No hard feelings?” Cameron begged.

Vince took a breath and gathered himself. “Yeah, man. No hard feelings.” He nodded, and then he smiled at Cameron. “She is going to need all the help she can get if she is to stand a chance in the tournament.”

“Tournament?” She said puzzled. “What tournament?”

“She will be just fine by then. She has a whole month to train before the tournament.” Cameron replied.

“Hello, what tournament?” Annabel exclaimed as she held her hand up in the air like an eager student in school waiting on the teacher to call on her.

“The tournament is where all the guardians compete against one another to see who the best is. It’s an annual event just for fun. You don't have to do it if you don't want.” Cameron replied.

“This guy has won for the last five years.” Vince pointed to Cameron.

“Really?” Annabel was impressed. Cameron nodded. “So you can beat everyone here?” Annabel pressed. Cameron smiled as he said nothing.

“There you are.” Kim walked directly towards Annabel. “I have been looking everywhere for you. Hey guys, I know she was supposed to train today and all.” Kim gently took Annabel's hand as she pulled her close, and then Kim started leading Annabel away. “But Patrick gave strict orders for her to rest.” She continued to lead Annabel further away. “So that is just what she is going to do, is rest… later guys.” Kim waved with her back turned. 

Annabel waved silently, and then she let Kim drag her away. Vince and Cameron stood both with nothing to say.

You want more?

I hope you do and I hope you enjoyed a taste from this world of the two young superhumans soon to be epic lover birds. 

Sometimes the BEST romances start out with a SMALL burn!!!


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