Caresses From My Vampire Lover

HOT excerpts from Endless Love Quenched, you'll need a towel

Landry conceded easily to end the fight and move the night forward to what he had planned for Maya. He had set up his apartment for them to surprise her. He had white roses with red tips everywhere, and several dozen burning candles. And in the center of the room was a bed with white satin sheets. 

She was overwhelmed and she immediately picked up a rose and then by instinct she tried to smell it. For just a moment she swore she could actually smell the beautiful rose as she held it under her nose. Then the rose started to die turning black before crumbling in her hand. She had unintentionally drained the rose’s life source.

“Don’t worry Maya, there’s plenty more roses.”

He took her by the hand and then he kissed the palm of her hand and then he kissed her wrist. This drove her mad. She felt every kiss. The pressure of his lips sent shock waves up her arms.

“Thank you, Landry for doing all of this for me and for trying to make me feel special. I love it…I love all the ways you have treated me.”

He kissed her mouth slowly as he led her over to the bed.

“You deserve this and anything you want in the entire world, Maya and I intend to give it all to you. I would do anything for you, I love you, Maya. I have fallen, completely and utterly in love with you, Maya Nicholas.”

She sighed loudly as she smiled.

“I love you too Landry Summersbee with all my soul.”

He placed his hands on her lower back and then he swung her around. He laid her down on the bed on her back and then he yanked her pants and panties off.

“You’re beautiful.”

He dropped his pants and then he quickly mounted her as she moaned his name softly. They locked their hands together as they quicken their pace, their hips grinded and clapped together.

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