My Vampire's Passion Moves Me

More excerpts from Endless Love Quenched a Vampire series Book 1
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In the beginning there was her and her name is Corrin Cross, Mistress of the Darkness and Head of the Cross House.

Landry’s thirst for blood had increased and so had his sexual desires. So Corrin had him brought two young and beautiful ladies, both would serve as food and pleasure. Corrin had explained to him that his desires would change as he had changed from a simple fisherman into a blood crazed devil of the night. His days had become a prison, locked away from the sun’s rays, and his night’s a battlefield on which he was a hunter and everyone else was now his food and enemy. Corrin was his teacher and savior, she was all he had now and she kept him very close to her. She favored him over her more than two dozen loyal family members, all of them chosen by her over the centuries; some of the most beautiful, and all of them special or unique in some way or another. She was particular about her family and who could bare the Cross name.

He didn’t understand why she liked to watch as he made love to the women she had brought to him gathered nightly. She seemed to enjoy the sex more than he did, not that it wasn’t pleasing to him it was. However, it was more of a cession to the hunger for blood for him. Stroking a beautiful breast with his tongue kept his mind off of ripping off her pretty head. 

Hearing her sounds of pleasure calmed him down and made the pain of the unsatisfied hunger quiet for a moment. There was another lovely bare naked lady in bed for him to move to once he could no longer drink for fear of killing the innocent. He had learned to not kill as taught by Corrin, all of them willing ladies begging to be devoured by the gorgeous Landry. He loved to drink from their inner thigh after pleasuring them. 

There were many willing young and beautiful gentlemen and ladies that came to them in every town, province, and country that the Cross family travelled. All the blood and sex could not fill the desire for love that he held on to even after his death, the wanting, the hoping, the complete desperation for love held on to him somehow, and so he was always unsatisfied.

Maya was careful not to enter Landry’s apartment until the sun had set completely so not to wake him. He awakened from his dream from the past as he sensed her. She entered the room and he moved to greet her, which startled her. She wasn’t used to his speed yet and so she flinched a little which made him smile as he wrapped his arms around her. She sighed loudly without thinking, and he laughed. She smiled and sighed again hoping that he’d never let her go and this moment could last longer.

“What did you do while I was sleeping, beautiful?”

“I watched the ducks at the park with Duncan in the morning. Then I read a little while Duncan ate so nothing special.”

“I missed you. You should have stayed with me; I wanted your gorgeous body next to me all day. Plus, that way I would have easier access to you upon rising.”

He laughed as he kissed her neck while he turned her around to face him.

“I didn’t want to smother you and Duncan would have flipped if I didn’t come home without a word.”

She closed her eyes as he continued to kiss his way up her neck. She could feel every single moist touch of his lips on her. Never before had she felt such sensations, the likes of which songs were surely written. Just the simple feel of his fingertips running down her bare arm made her feel alive and warm again.

He loved how she lit up as he touched her, she seemed to beam with more goodness then any live person Landry had ever seen before and that made him question how it was that she was a ghost. This girl, who was in his arms, smiling, laughing, and beaming from the inside out, he knew he was in love with her. He probably had been since the first moment he saw her in the abandoned industrial park, where he tried to ignore her. Where he tried to escape her and the complications that knowing her can only bring.

Maya had forgotten how much she enjoyed kissing. She loved being that close to his amazing eyes they grabbed a hold of her locking her into an endless gaze at times. She could see herself swimming in those indigo eyes, like a dolphin in the mighty ocean. 

Landry gently nibbled on her bottom lip and she moaned softly. Normally, the biting would cause him to become hungry for blood but with her there was no blood. No blood, no hunger for feeding from her. However, he was going to need to feed and he knew she would need to as well. But he wanted to please her and her other senses first. He blew slowly on her ear and around it and then he licked the rim of her earlobe and then he blew on her ear again which tickled her causing her to giggle. 

She squeezed her arms around him tighter while pressing her nails into his back pinching him. She immediately apologized to which he laughed then told her to scratch him harder. She smiled as she dug her nails into him. He moaned as he lifted her up into his arms and then he braced her body up against the wall. He peeled off her top and her pants as she removed his clothes following his lead. 

His hands were so big and strong and he used them with such purpose as she noticed while he removed her panties and quickly cupped her ass cheeks in the palms of his big hands.

He moved her hips up to him and saddled her around his hips. She wrapped herself around him by her legs, locking them into place with her knees. He moved her upward and then back down easing himself deeply inside of her. She moaned uncontrollably as her head flopped backward. He held her ass firmly as he rocked her hips up and then back down onto him, each time brought even more pleasure to him. 

Everything seemed to work and feel just as it had when she was a living girl. The sex was just as fulfilling as it was before. There was, however, a felling there that wasn’t there before. She wasn’t going to think about it right now, not now that she was so close to exploding. He had her right on the edge and she could no longer hold back, and he certainly wasn’t allowing that either as he quickened his thrushes and pushed her hips firmer onto him smiling with each push. She looked at him as she released and let go of herself.

“Ah…Holy shit…I’m so, so…Oh my!”

He laughed and then he kissed her.

“Ah oh…so you enjoyed yourself then I hope.”

She opened her eyes and grinned.

“Indeed, Landry, you’re amazing!”

She kissed him.

“Good! Now time to eat?”

He put her down as they both quickly dressed. He had to feed, it was his nature and he hadn’t eaten upon rising as he should have. He wasn’t concerned for himself though, only for her and how she was adjusting to her new feeding regimen. But he’d need to watch her feed to know that. So it was off back to the forest.

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