A Free Tasty Erotic Gift for My ARC

Goodreads Event
August 10th thru 30th

Calling all book lovers and calling all reviewers!!
I am pleased to announce I'm hosting a sexy and fun event on Goodreads Aug 10-30th.

Please go on over to my Goodreads page  and be apart of this fabulous event for my Advance Readers Club(ARC). 

Once you click "yes" to attend please feel free to make comments or start a discussion on the event page throughout the event. This should be really fun I think. 

I would like to share a few things about myself; I started writing when I was six years old before I could even read actually. I loved it; however people found my writing next to impossible to understand. I was later diagnosed with Dyslexia. I didn't let that stop me though as I continued to write and later in the fifth grade I won the school district Reflection's contest.

Let me explain briefly how this process should work. Message me on Goodreads your email address, I will provide complimentary PDF copies of the three eBooks. You then simply read them and provide a review for each book on both Goodreads and on whichever website you usually use to view your eBooks (i.e. Smashwords, iTunes, kobo, Nook, etc, except not Kindle.). All reviews are due by August 30th

Please provide a link to your reviews so I can print out a copy of it for my records. I truly love reading each and every comment and review I get on my books it fuels me. 

In addition, I will be giving a gift to everyone who reviews my work. My gift to you is; the collector's edition for Dexter Vineyard Saga box set, which includes Craving, Ripe and Plump plus three bonus chapters and the first chapter from book four, Bold; which features Tristan's POV along with Jolie's POV.

Dexter Vineyard Saga
collector's edition box set

Collector's Edition box set
includes 3 bonus chapters and
the 1st chapter of Bold book 4

Dexter Vineyard Saga
coming this fall...

Meet the real Tristan Malone.
Find out what happened...

Join my ARC and you will be the first to know, in this exclusive peak at the first chapter of Bold book four of the Dexter Vineyard Saga.

this is NOT me... but he's HOT right?

Please free feel to contact me on Goodreads or My Blog should you have any questions about this event or my work. 


P.S. If you don't want a Goodreads account you can still receive this offer and the gift by simply subscribing to my blog. Go to the "Subscribe button" at the top of my blog, enter your email address, verify yourself and viola; you're one of the cool people baby.

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