Maya's Dungeon

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Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire series
book 1

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Enjoy some excerpts from Chapter 17

Once they all arrived at Corrin’s, Landry and Bran disappeared, leaving Duncan and Megan alone standing in a huge foyer. Duncan looked around the beautiful, grand room. The floor was white marble. There was a large, black marble round table in the middle of the foyer, with a glass vase filled with several dozen of exotic flowers arranged in it. There was a glass ceiling which they could see the glorious night sky through. Two spiral staircases lead up to a gallery. 

Directly ahead of them underneath the staircases was two large doors which suddenly opened and out came a man dressed in a butler outfit. 

The man escorted Duncan and Megan through the double-doors and down a long hallway. Duncan spotted this huge painting of a beautiful blonde woman. She was dressed in clothing he’d never seen before and painted on her face were some sort of symbols in lines above her eyes and below her eyes. He had no idea what the symbols stood for but he had a familiar feeling when he saw them. They continued to follow the butler as he led them into a large, grand room filled with beautifully dressed people. It was clear to Duncan that there was party underway. 

Duncan realized that the butler had left them amongst the party guests. No one seemed to notice them as Duncan made his way through the crowd with Megan by his side. They all seemed to be dancing, laughing, and carrying on like any ordinary people at a party. From the looks of the size and design of the grand ballroom, Duncan could see that Corrin had amassed quite a fortune, and by the size of the crowd, she was very popular as well.

There was a string quartet playing in the corner of the room, and all of the doors leading out to the veranda were opened. The party guests were also out on the veranda and out on the long back yard. There had to be at least a hundred or so people filling and spilling out of each room and onto the main floor. Duncan grew curious as to which of the guests were vampires and which ones were human. He was pretty sure that for now he and Megan were safe as no one there seemed to look to do them any harm.

Maya opened her eyes. She was chained to a wooden chair in what looked like a dungeon cell. 

Just then, the metal door opened and Landry walked in. The door closed behind him. He quickly approached her and bent over and hugged her.

“Maya you’re awake… are you…you?”

“Landry,” She tried to move to hug him back but both of her arms were chained down to the chair arms. “Where are we? What happened?”

“I’m sorry, Maya but you’re chained up here in Corrin’s house.”

“What? Why? What did I do?”

“Maya you…I mean the thing inside of you killed two vampires tonight and that was after it killed some boy ghost back at the house!”

“What? I don’t remember a thing!”

He stood up and looked around the small cell she was locked in. “I’m sorry that I failed to help you, Maya. I thought I could control the hunger inside you but I was wrong and now…two people are dead and I don’t know what is going to happen next!”

“I killed two vampires?”

“Yes…they were my brothers.”

“O my God! I killed your brothers! What have I done? Why is this happening to me? I’m a killer! I’m nothing but an evil, cold-blooded killer! Why won’t this end?” Maya burst out sobbing and Landry held her not knowing what to do.

“Maya, please listen to me. I will do whatever it takes to free you from the evil darkness inside of you, if it’s the last thing I do!”

“You can’t! No one can. I…I’m dammed! You should just leave me here, locked up away from everyone forever so I can’t harm anyone ever again!”

“No! I don’t accept that! You’re not going to be a prisoner.” He pulled back away as he cupped her face in his hands and smiled at her. “I love you too much to let that happen! I won’t let that evil have you! So promise me you won’t give up that you will keep fighting it!”

“I have been fighting it! I’m fighting it right now but I don’t think I can hold on anymore, it’s too strong and I just black out and then I disappear. And then there’s nothingness, a vast void! I’m scared! I’m really scared and I never was afraid before.”

“Promise me you’ll keep trying!”

“Okay, I promise.”

“I love you, Maya.” He kissed her quickly on the forehead, and then he walked over to the cell door. “I’ll see her now!” He said through the cell door, which opened and he exited.

Landry entered an empty sitting room. Another door opened and in walked a breathtakingly, beautiful woman. 

She was a curvy, petite lady with gorgeous, long, blonde, wavy hair which flowed down her back. She smiled at Landry as she moved like a graceful, ballerina towards him. Landry was a taken back as he had forgotten just how unbelievably, beautiful, Corrin was. 

“Hello, my darling, Landry. Did you miss me?”

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