A Parlor of Vampires

Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire series
Book 1

Sexy excerpt from chapter 19. Safe for work but still delicious, enjoy.. 

They all sat in a large parlor room that looked like they stepped back in time to the roaring ‘20’s. There was a mellow song playing as the light dimmed. A beautiful woman dressed in a long, pink, breaded gown entered the room, she was holding a violin. Once the lights dimmed all the way she started to play the most grippingly seductive melody.

Suddenly, from the darkness one spotlight in the corner appeared and there standing in a blood-red, burlesque outfit was, Corrin. She had on black, stiletto heels, and thigh-highs attached to a garter. She moved so hypnotically to the music, it was like her body was stroking the violin strings.

Landry was quite amused; he always loved to watch Corrin perform. Duncan’s and Megan’s eyes were glued to Corrin.

Corrin gracefully made her way through the room towards them. She pulled one of her long silky gloves off with her teeth. She then playfully tossed the glove into Duncan’s face. Duncan laughed and he stuffed the glove into his pocket. Corrin sat down slowly onto Landry’s lap as the music ended.

Duncan and Megan clapped. Landry smiled at Corrin. “You were amazing as always, Corrin.”

“Oh yeah? Thank you, darling. Now, dance with me.”
The violinist started another song with a slower melody.

“With pleasure, my lady.”

They danced around together slowly for a few minutes. With each turn Landry could see Duncan gesturing to him something he couldn’t understand.

“Landry, please tell Duncan he can stop waving his hands about, I’ve made my decision, and you can leave with Maya.”


Want to see what happens next?

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