Rave at the Quarry Rogue Werewolf attack

The Culling
Woodsgate Chronicles 
Book 1
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Super suspenseful excerpt from Chapter 8 

Annabel danced around in the middle of a group of girls while the jocks watched them. She noticed that Matt and Ashley had been huddled up by the bonfire alone talking for some time now. Annabel also noticed that all the jocks that were on the list had been very nice to Matt. “Maybe his luck had changed,” she hoped.

This part of being a teen Annabel did miss; the carefree nights of music and dancing even if it was only her and Kim doing the partying. She had completely missed out on these kind of parties and she had always told herself that she hadn’t missed a thing, but now she was wondering if that was the case.

Then a bass filled beat came on the stereo, and then Annabel started to do a choreographed hip-hop dance. All the girls yelled out as they seemed amazed by Annabel's dance style. The girls circled around Annabel as she continued to move while shaking her hips to the bass in the song. She did some Latin style moves, and then she dazzled them with some modern dubstep dance moves. Some of the girls tried to imitate Annabel's style.

Matt and Ashley had joined the others circling Annabel. Annabel looked over at Matt as she grabbed him, and then she pulled him out into the middle of circle with her. She danced with him playfully urging him to join her. The girls all yelled Matt's name, cheering him on, and Ashley was the loudest of them. Matt blushed as he moved around trying to keep up with Annabel. Annabel laughed at his embarrassment as she continued dancing with him. Suddenly Matt started moving like a robot and the girls cheered louder which seemed increase his confidence. Annabel stopped dancing; she was surprised that Matt had some good moves so she started doing the robot with him. Ashley happily joined in with Matt and Annabel. Then all the girls and boys starting doing their best robot moves.

A slower song started playing, and everyone stopped and several of the kids laughed.  Ashley grabbed Matt. They began to dance together. Annabel smiled with pride for Matt. One of the jocks patted Matt on the shoulder while the others gave him thumbs up. Matt had done it, Annabel thought, he had managed to impress these kids.

She walked over to the cooler to grab a bottled water. She drank the water as she started to consider going to find Vince to head back to Woodsgate. After all, Matt was doing just fine now, and just maybe that werewolf had moved on to other town. At any rate she felt a little silly hanging around with these kids for too much longer. Plus, Matt certainly didn't need her around anymore. She pulled out her phone to call Vince’s cell.


“Hey, where are you?”

“I’m out in the woods looking around, why?”

“I think that maybe you were right, this werewolf isn’t going to show up. Maybe we should just head…“

“Wait! Did you just say I was right?” He interrupted her.

“Okay, maybe you were…” She said through gritted teeth.

“Hey, let me call you back, I think I just heard something…” Vince remarked as he disconnected.

“Huh, what? Okay, I guess you’ll call me back then?” Annabel muttered to herself.
Annabel heard a bloodcurdling howl that came from the surrounding woods, then suddenly a large, black, werewolf emerged from the trees. The teens yelled as they started scattering in all directions into the woods. All except, Ashley, Matt and Annabel.

The black werewolf locked its gaze on Ashley. Annabel saw them through the crowd of fleeing teens, and then she ran over toward them.

The black wolf snapped its jaws at Annabel as she ran to Matt and Ashley. Annabel jumped back as the beast snapped its teeth at her. Then the wolf began to slowly circle the three of them. Matt stood in front of Ashley to protect her.

“Matt get Ashley out of here!” Annabel yelled. Matt grabbed Ashley’s arm as they took off running.

Annabel picked up a small log from the bonfire to toss at the wolf. The wolf yelped as it jumped back while the fire singed its fur. Annabel looked to see if Matt and Ashley had made it safely into the woods. They were nowhere in sight, but now she was all alone with a werewolf.  Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all, like Vince had been stressing earlier.

The wolf snarled as it slowly came towards Annabel. She backed up as she looked around for help. But there was nothing and no one around.

Without a thought, Annabel started running into the woods as she yelled out to Vince. Just maybe he would hear her before the beast could eat her, she thought. She turned to see if the wolf was following her but to her surprise it wasn't there.

Annabel stopped to look around, she was puzzled, where had the beast gone? Then she heard growling from the trees to the left side of her.

“Annabel!” Matt shouted as he ran nearly into Annabel. “Annabel, I couldn't leave you alone.” Matt stammered as he was out of breath.

“I told you get out of here. Where's Ashley and the others?” Annabel pressed.

“They're all okay. Ashley is back at the car. You shouldn't be out her alone with a werewolf.” He replied. Just then the beast growled off in the distance. “He's circling us.” Matt remarked, and then he stood in front of Annabel.

The beast jumped out from behind Annabel clawing at her back as it landed. Annabel yelled out in pain as she felt the beast's claws rip her skin open. Matt moved suddenly, and then he pulled Annabel behind him placing himself between the two of them. Then Matt growled menacingly at the werewolf as he lunged his torso towards it. The beast lowered its head, and then it also backed up a step, as though it didn't want to hurt Matt. Matt growled again, and then the wolf put its head down even further as it continued to back up.

Suddenly another wolf sprung out from the woods to attack the black wolf. Annabel immediately recognized the attacking wolf was Vince. The two wolves rolled across the ground tangled together.  The black wolf pulled itself back away from Vince, stunned, and then it stood up on his hind legs. The black wolf instantly shifted into his human form.

“Please, stop. I mean you no harm bother.” The man cried out for mercy, undressed and pitiful.

Vince shifted back also. “Who are you? Why are you attacking humans, you know it's forbidden?” Vince yelled as he stood, naked in the moonlight.

“Dad?” Matt asked in a confused tone. Vince and Annabel looked at one another then back at Matt.

“They were bullying my son.” The man muttered as he looked at Matt, and then he pointed at him. “We are better than these filthy humans but yet they treat us so unkind.” He looked at Vince hardheartedly. “I couldn't stand it anymore. Matt is a good kid and because he's different people walk all over him.”

“That's not true. Those kids are my friends and that girl that you scared is my girlfriend!” Matted yelled.

“But I wanted...”

“I don't even know you man! You left us when I was a baby. Why come back now? Wait, don't answer, I don't care!” Matt scolded, and then he looked over at Vince. “Just get him out of my sight, please.” Matt asked as he walked away.

“But I just wanted to teach him who he is.” Matt's father cried.

“No matter the reason, you know the price for showing yourself in true form.” Vince said. Matt's father nodded, silently. “I will need to take you in for violating our most sacred law. Besides, you scared an innocent girl for no reason.”

“No human is innocent!” He said as he looked down. “You will see brother, humans are not worth saving.” The man sat down as he cried.

Vince walked over to Annabel “Are you okay?” He asked as he tried to look her over, and then she nodded. “Good, if he had got you, you'd know it. Werewolves can tear a full grown man in two.” Vince added as he grinned, and then he handed her his car keys. “Go ahead and go back to the car and make sure those kids get home safely. I will have to take him back to the wolf clan. By our laws, the clan must deal with this. I can get back to Woodsgate on my own,” he explained and Annabel took the keys from him. “Annabel see you later.” Vince smiled at her, and then he turned back to the crying man.

As soon as he turned, Annabel ran off towards the car. She didn't want Vince to see the claw marks on her back. As she briskly ran she noticed that the pain from the wounds had ceased. She reached her hand back and felt her back. Her shirt was torn but she didn't feel any scratches on her flesh. Maybe the shock of the attack had made her think the beast had clawed her. Clearly, the beast had missed her flesh, so she was lucky this time.

She saw Matt and Ashley back at his car as she ran toward Vince’s car. The other frightened teens were all mostly still just sitting in their cars too. Annabel was just about to yell out to them when she noticed another vehicle pull up. Once she reached the parking spot and rounded Vince’s car she notice the other vehicle was a police car. She quickened her pace as the officer got out of the car to approach her.

“Hello, Annabel it’s good to see you again.” Lucy Ramon announced as she extended her hand to Annabel with a friendly smile on her face, which Annabel returned in kind. “I sure appreciate what you and Vince did here tonight,” she said in a hushed voiced.
Annabel was confused. The situation was still fresh in her mind but yet Lucy, chief of police had already gotten wind of the case being solved. “I had no doubts that Vince would be able to take care of this rogue wolf. Now, it’s my turn to take care of what I call ‘clean up’,” she said, using her fingers to signal quotations, “You might want to get going now. I don’t want to accidentally sway you into forgetting what happened.” She laughed as she moved to walk away.

“Wait, how did you know that we caught the rogue wolf, it just barely…” Annabel asked just out of breath from the run back.

“Oh, Vince called me. He asked if I could come up and handle these kids before you get back to town and they start calling everyone they know and blowing up the internet. I better go handle that now before anything of the sort happens.” She explained as she turned, “Oh, you should cover your ears if you can. Do you have an mp3 player or something, those are very helpful in tuning out my sway powers.” She advised, “Heaven’s knows it sure works on my daughter, she tunes me out all the time.” She said under her breath jokingly.

“I have my mp3 player.” Annabel answered as she felt for it in her pocket.
“Well, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of each other, now that you’re a deputy. Have a good night, and don’t forget to put the music on!” She added as she headed over to the teens.

Annabel was afraid to even look back as she took out her music, and then she played the first random track. She hoped that Matt’s and Ashley’s blossoming romance would flourish and that he would continue to grow into the brave man he was meant to be. She did glance into the rear mirror as she drove away but it appeared as though all of the teens were already in their cars. Lucy Ramon was right; she had not heard one thing other than the sound of her own music.

Want to see why this fun paranormal fantasy book is a 5 star read?

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