Vince My Werewolf Partner

The Culling
Woodsgate Chronicles
book 1

Award winning author Sam Y Cats

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Meet Annabel's partner Vince Williams. Werewolf, deputy of Woodsgate, and rough on the outside but all softy on the inside. Enjoy excerpt from The Culling...

Annabel stepped out of the shower and bent down to turn off the water. Just then the door swung open. Annabel jumped and yelled.

“Ah...Sorry!” the tall large stranger exclaimed. He stood there shocked as he continued to stare at Annabel's wet, naked body.

“Get out!” Annabel yelled as she hastily grabbed a towel to cover her body.

“Sorry!” the man repeated, and then he quickly turned his back in embarrassment. “I did knock. I didn't know you were…in the shower! Ya know, Sheriff Lurkin told me to come get you.” The man added in a stern voice, and then he cleared his throat.

Annabel's eyes widened as she stood paralyzed and dripping wet. Where were her clothes, she thought, if she could get to the car just maybe?



“I'll be outside when you're ready.” The man explained, and then he quickly exited the room.

Annabel raced to the door and locked it. "I thought I locked this. How did he?" She spotted her suitcase next to the bed. "Oh good, my stuff!" Annabel threw her clothes on, and then she sat on the bed to put her shoes on. Was she breaking some law she was unaware of? There must be some kind of mix up she thought. It didn't matter now anyways, that super large cop was just outside the door. So Annabel scooped herself up off the bed and prepared for the worst.

“Okay. I'm ready.” Annabel announced as she nervously walked through the door and into the hall.

“Hello. I'm Deputy Williams. I'm here to escort you to the ranger station.”

“Huh? Ah...the ranger station,… yes of course.  Because that’s where I’ll be staying.” Annabel sighed, relieved that she wasn’t in trouble. Deputy Williams looked puzzled, and then she quickly thought about her odd statement. Annabel noticed Williams' off put demeanor and she wondered what his deal was, given that he had just received a free peep-show.

“Ah, good I caught you two in time.” Cameron announced. “Good a friendly voice,” Annabel thought as she turned towards Cameron. “Here…” Cameron said as he handed his cell phone to her. “…please put your cell phone number into my phone…” Cameron asked.

She was flattered as she quickly entered her number. “Patrick wanted a way to get a hold of you.”  He added as he put his phone into his pocket, and then he smiled.

Annabel felt stupid. For a moment she had thought that maybe he wanted her number for himself. She turned, and then she noticed Williams' wasn't there any longer.

“Where did Mr. Charming go?” Annabel sarcastically asked.

“I think he went outside.” Cameron explained to which Annabel scoffed as she rolled her eyes.

"He just walked in on me in the shower! What's that about?" Annabel muttered with widened eyes. "I locked the door. I think? What did he just let himself in or something?"

"!" Cameron said as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "I think that was my fault, actually. I thought I locked the door but clearly I didn't. I'm so sorry. When I brought your suitcase upstairs I must have left it unlocked."

"Huh?" She said. "I forgot my suitcase downstairs?"

"Yeah. I am really sorry.  I did not mean for happen." Cameron said with an apologetic half-smile, “don't let him bother you. Vince is okay, once you get to know him”

“We'll see.” Annabel mumbled under her breath.

“What’s that?”

“Nothing. I mean thanks for bringing my suitcase upstairs." Annabel said. "I should go before he leaves me to find the ranger station on my own, huh?” Annabel asked, and then she laughed.

Vince Williams stood arrogantly leaned up against his green jeep. He was at least six five or more, very muscular, and he had a trimmed beard and mustache. Like Cameron he also was a very handsome man, “but in a rugged way” she thought. She rolled her eyes at him as she walked down the lodge stairs.

“It's about time lady. I have other things I need to do today.” Vince barked as he jumped into his jeep, and then he started the engine. Annabel was shocked at his gruff tone but she decided she needed to be cooperative.

“Beep!” Vince honked his horn and startled her. She slowly walked over to his jeep in an attempt to irritate him further, and then she put her luggage carefully in the back of his jeep. She sighed as she reluctantly got into the jeep.

“Sorry. I came out as soon as I noticed you had left,” Annabel apologized almost automatically.

Williams silently backed up the jeep and peeled out kicking up dirt off the back tires. Annabel suddenly became relieved she had just fastened her belt.

The jeep bounced about and Annabel reached for her headphones to put her music on. She hoped to distract herself from the nausea that was building in her belly. Good thing she hadn't eaten all day, so it was unlikely things would get messy. But if things did go south, Annabel was aiming for Williams' lap. She chuckled at the thought as her music played in her ears.

Annabel's nausea faded as she became submerged in the breath-taking scenery. She all but forgot her grumpy escort, Deputy Williams. They had made their way down to the lake, and as they drove around the lake Annabel imagined herself swimming in the beautiful green, blue waters. Annabel was abruptly pulled from her daydream by their jarring stop.

“So, this is as far as I go.”

Annabel took off her headphones and asked, “Say again?”

“The ranger station is up there at the top of the ridge.” Williams explained as he pointed to a small wooden staircase that wound up the peak. “Just follow the stairs. The key is under the welcome mat.”

Annabel stepped out of the jeep with her luggage.

“Thanks…” Annabel replied as Williams took off before she could properly thank him. Even though she thought it was him who should thank her for putting up with his driving.

She looked up at the towering peak in front of her. “Sheesh! Thanks for nothing!” He wasn't pleasant or helpful. “Other than the ride to the bottom of the longest staircase I’ve ever seen, who needs Vince?”

Annabel had decided that she had packed entirely too much stuff once she reached the twentieth stair.

"What am I going to do with half this stuff in the middle of nowhere?" She relentlessly tugged at her suitcase. "Good thing I'm in shape!" She finally reached the top with ease.
She turned to take in the marvelous view from the station porch. "Holy cow! What a view." Annabel's jaw dropped open.  "This is the second most beautiful thing I've ever seen." She could see the entire east side of the lake and the surrounding forest which also covered the mountain peaks. She turned towards the door and spotted the welcome mat that Vince had told her about. She quickly reached for the key and unlocked the old, wooden, door and then she eagerly, walked inside.

The cabin was quite simple but nice enough and she noticed that anything seemed clean and tidy like it had been attended to. "Well now, this place is very clean! It must have been Patrick or someone I have yet to meet." She set her suitcase down. "It's pretty tiny."
Annabel kicked her shoes off as she flopped her body down onto the bed, and then she quickly made herself comfortable on the large, soft, feather filled bed. She took out her cell phone.

"Okay, now let's get a hold of..." She typed out a message to Kim letting her know that she had made it to Woodsgate and to call her soon. "Grrr!" She scoffed loudly. " better be okay." Annabel mumbled as she looked at her cell phone wallpaper, (a picture of her and Kim at some party a few months ago). The picture reminded her of Kim and she realized that she missed her best friend. After all, the two had been inseparable since elementary school. That thought made it hard for Annabel to stay mad at her only close friend. "I wish you were here to see this place." She chuckled.

"Time to unpack." Annabel jumped to her feet. She quickly put her music on without the headphones and the music blasted through the room. "Hell yeah!" She seemed to come to life as she started bouncing around the room.

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