New Vampire series Cover Reveal

To say thanks to all my wonderful readers and reviewers for supporting the launch of Longing Pulse a Vampire series starting with book 1 "Endless Love Quenched", I am revealing the new cover for book 2 "Asylum".

WARNING might content spoilers.....

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Asylum picks right up where Endless Love Quenched left off, Maya Nicholas is alive. Her life restored because of her cousin Duncan’s quick thinking. Her memories of Landry are missing. All she knows is the love she feels for the man who’s been by her bedside for the past three years, Christian Evans.
Duncan is not going to allow anything or anyone near Maya again and this means Landry. But once things start getting strange in the mysterious hospital Maya is recovering in, it will be Landry and only his powers that can save her.
More shocking family secrets are revealed as this love story unfolds with boundless sensations and endless desires fulfilled once more.

Awakened from coma with no memory of the time she slept she feels that something is just not right, that something is missing or someone rather from her life and Maya is bound to find that missing piece—

Landry thought he lost her by letting her go but their love saved her; too bad she’s trapped in the asylum while he goes on thinking she’s dead.

That's not all, I am also giving you an exclusive sneak peek at Chapter 1....enjoy and please grab your copy if you haven't yet and please review it on Goodreads and Amazon.

book 2
Chapter One 

Chris pushed his hand down into Maya’s back pocket and playfully tugged her back towards him. They had spent all morning kissing under the hanging branches of the maple tree. He hadn’t wanted their time alone together to end but she worried that their mothers would find them or maybe even Duncan. So she resisted his advances, escaped his grasp, and instead took off back towards the old barn.

He quickly lost sight of her in the long, grass field. Just as well, he thought as he slowed. He was exhausted anyways, after weeks of sneaking out of their family’s summer house to have sex.

He was seventeen and already completely in love with Maya. He even had full intentions on marrying her one day. She was all he could think of, and the sex was incredible. He remembered their first time together and how beautiful she looked a radiant, bare beauty calling out his name from underneath his young tone bare body. He nearly tripped on a rock which he didn’t see, a hazard of being a young man in love and now having sex, finally. He tripped and fell a lot that summer.

Chris could have had his pick of just about anyone. He was very handsome, with a rock-hard, rugby player body and a heart of gold, Chris was a great catch. He looked like he could be a poster-boy for the gorgeous demy-god’s society with his perfect skin and teeth. He’s heart had always belonged to Maya though, ever since he first met her in second grade. At first he was her protector and buddy. But as they aged they had become so much more.

He could hear Maya giggle just up ahead of him, and then he couldn’t hear her anymore. The barn was just ahead, he could see the roof top from the tall, blades of grass. He hurried to try and catch up to Maya.
Suddenly, Chris heard Maya scream. It sounded like she was in the old barn so he raced inside.

When he walked into the barn he saw Duncan standing up onto of the hay loft. Maya wasn’t anywhere in sight. Chris frantically searched the barn for her, and then he noticed her shoe on the ground next to an old pickup truck. He heard Duncan yell something to him but he was too far away to understand him. He tried to open the truck door but it was locked.

Suddenly, Maya appeared in the window inside the truck. She frantically tapped on the truck window. He was confused; it appeared that she was yelling to him to run. He tried to open the door again as Maya tried at the same time but the door seemed to be jammed. Maya’s eyes widened and she seemed to have seen something very bad. Then she pointed to something behind him.

He quickly turned just as a pitch fork flew at him, which he just barely managed to dodge in time. He looked to see who had thrown the fork. He couldn’t see anyone else in the barn. Maya tugged and kicked at the pickup truck door until finally the door opened and she fell out into Chris’ arms.

They both raced over to where Duncan was but the ladder leading up to the hay loft had been destroyed somehow. So they ran around to where they could at least see him.
Duncan seemed to them to be talking to someone but there wasn’t anyone there that neither Chris nor Maya could see. Duncan appeared to be trapped up in the loft, having an argument with some unseen force. Even worse, there seemed to be more than just one of them up there with him.

Chris pulled Maya behind him as they tried to get across the barn safely to the exit. He couldn’t see anything but he could feel something watching them as they moved slowly, clinging to each other.

Duncan yelled out to them again and this time Chris and Maya both heard him clearly tell them to run. Chris was even sure he had heard Duncan say something about there being ghosts in there with them. He wasn’t able to see just what it was the Duncan could so obviously see, but one thing was clear to him; they weren’t alone in the barn that mid summer’s day.

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