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Longing Pulse a Vampire series
Book 1

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The Culling is this year’s break out New Adult fantasy romance that has readers saying, 

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Vampire Mistress Corrin battles Maya

This teaser is both funny and scary. I can't tell you just how much fun I have had while working on this series "Longing Pulse". Now that "Asylum" is coming out very soon I am even more excited to watch this series come to live. I am very pleased to receive the numerous amounts of feedback from you all. 

You the audience are why I write and it is very apparent to me that you are paranormal lovers just like me. I have been reviewing my blog post views since I started blogging in 2013 and it's obvious that you are into vampires and all things that go bump in the night so therefore I'm giving you more of what you came here for, vampires and tons of erotic scenes laced with sexy, hot, scary story-lines. "Longing Pulse" will have five books in it, then I will start the next paranormal series some time next year. 

I promise to crack the wipe and finish these books by March 2017, bringing to live five books and I will be starting the next set of books immediately after that. 

Stay tuned!! Want a hint of what's next (Demons and Angels)

Excerpt from "Endless Love Quenched", Longing Pulse a Vampire Series book 1

“Hello, darling Landry. It’s me, Corrin. Megan and I are just now arriving at this, pile of twigs and rusty nails that Duncan calls home. Funny thing is you’re not here. Why? I think I just saw a rat!” She quickly disconnected the call and shoved her phone into her, sexy, pant suit pocket. “Megan was that a rat? I hate rats.” Corrin stopped and stared at the corner on the porch.

Megan chuckled as she walked into Duncan’s house. “If there are rats, they’re all outside then.”

“Great! Well, Duncan has to invite me in, you know that.” Corrin peered passed Megan who was standing on the inside of the house. “Oh God, someone actually lives in there, huh?”

“Holy shit! Not this again!” Megan turned and noticed that Maya was sitting up on the couch with a sinister look on her face.

“I don’t see the problem she’s just sitting there. Hmm. What’s that red stuff on the floor?”

“She looks possessed! Totally evil, I don’t like it!”

“She looks possessed because she is, silly. I’m guessing the red circle is some sort of trap. So you should be fine as long as you stay out of the circle then, Megan.”

“That’s good, because she is not wearing those chains anymore.”

“Yeah, that’s not good!” Corrin backed out of the doorway.
They both scanned the room for the chains.

“There!” Corrin pointed at the floor next to the couch. The chains were broken and laying on the floor by the couch.

Just then, Maya stood up with a creepy, smile on her face. “Where’s Landry and Duncan?” Her voice was distorted and demonic sounding.

“Maya? You sound very strange.”

“That’s because she’s not Maya, Megan. Don’t talk to that thing, are you crazy?”

“Shut up, Bitch! Why don’t you go fuck yourself! Let me and my friend, Megan here catch up,” the demon said in a bellowing voice.

“Well, now! Maybe I should have my guards take care of that mouth of hers.”

“Wait, Corrin! She’s not Maya, remember.”

“I’ll be in the car calling Landry over and over again until he finally decides to come back here.” Corrin turned and left.

“Sounds good to me. I’ll join you.” Megan raised her brow as Maya slowly waved to her as she closed the door. 

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