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Happy Erotica Holidays

I hope you are enjoying your holidays! To say thank you to all of my fans and supporters I am offering Dexter Vineyard Saga Box Set Collection for only $0.99 cents until Christmas day. Regular price $2.99 on 12/26/16.

Here is a teaser for you to sample.


Jolie Dexter & Tristan Malone

"Wow—you cooked all this for me?" She waved her hands gesturing to the vast plates of pasta, casseroles, and various other treats. He simply smiled as he shook his head while he pulled her feet towards him resting them in his lap. "I'm one lucky girl then—what are you doing?" She giggled as he removed her sandals. 

"Relax. Lay back and let me take all your troubles away." He replied with a soothing tone in his voice that made her want to do anything but relax, but she did as he said and laid back with her eyes closed as he began the most deeply penetrating foot massage she'd ever had. "That's it, relax and let me calm your raging nerves and bring you some much-needed release." he continued as he pressed her feet between his hands his fingers kneading her feet like balls of dough. 

"Mmm—that's so nice. Is there anything you can't do?" She moaned as she rounded her head around on the blanket. 

"Ha ha. You're sweet but I've got my limitations just like every man does. I'm afraid that I have an extreme weakness for YOU!" He remarked as he tugged at her foot playfully. She looked up at him with one eye open just as he placed her big toe into his mouth and sucked it slowly.
"Fuck me—holy shit that feels amazing!" She muttered as he continued to the next toe and then the next and so on until all of her toes had been properly sucked leaving her completely primed for whatever he was going to do next.

Okay now dry off and download the book so you can really get off!

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