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Find out why "The Culling" Woodsgate Chronicles is 2016's surprising new read and why The Culling has been in the Top 100 Bestsellers in its catagory serval times! The Culling has been "shelved" on Goodreads over 667 times because people love this series and now "Carry Me" book 2 will soon make it's way onto the Top lists as well.

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Carry Me
Woodsgate Chronicles 
Book 2

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There are worse things than dying; Annabel Carver was about to find out just what “worse” is in this heartbreaking contention. Be swept back into the amazing world of Woodsgate were the magic unfolds on new creatures and some new feelings for our beautifully, damaged heroine. The unique Annabel will learn how to face her own problems while trying to be a hero and leader at the same time. More unexpected dangers, plus unbelievable strength will grow from the most powerful place; one woman’s heart.


It had been four months now since she’d moved to Woodsgate and had met him. She knew the exact day, for she hadn’t switched her calendar from that month. And her mind had stayed fixed the very day. Every morning she had rolled out of bed and was blissfully reminded of their first encounter. Remembering that day and thinking of him was about the only thing keeping her from going out of her mind. 

The nightmares had returned, sometimes a few weeks back she wasn’t exactly sure when. The dreams had stopped at first when she arrived in Woodsgate but then without warning the crazy, terrifying dreams returned, and she wasn’t sleeping well as a cause of them. The images she saw in the nightmares were all too real to her, unlike the dreams she used to have. 

“Hey? Where are you, Annabel?”

“What? I’m right here.”

“You looked lost in thought for a moment there, like you were a thousand miles away. Is something troubling you beautiful?”

“No, nothing is troubling me.” She smiled when she thought of him calling her beautiful. “I was just thinking about the new guardians arriving this week. Patrick said that all of the new arrivals are witches so I’m little excited about seeing what they can do.”

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