Vampire Excerpt from Longing Pulse

Satin Sheets Girls between My Knees

Super sexy excerpt from chapter 2

Longing Pulse a Vampire series
book 2
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Maya & Landry

Landry’s chest muscles flexed showing off the deliciously chiseled shape of them as he placed small kisses upon Corrin’s bare neck and shoulders causing her to sigh softly.

She opened just of her eyes to watch him while he made his descent down her body leaving no area untouched.

She aided him in his journey by lifting her hips as he neared her lower belly. He teased her by placing just the tip of his tongue to her open folds brushing it gently against her for a moment before pulling back away from her.

She moaned louder in protest as she bucked her hips upward into his face demanding her satisfaction.

He placed his hands on her thighs as he drove his face repeatedly into her folds sucking and lapping his tongue relentlessly about her tender shell until her body shook uncontrollably underneath him.

Corrin curled her legs around his head while she locking her fingers in the strands of Landry’s golden, brown hair still continuing to buck her hips whilst moaning. He could feel that her climax was nearing as her juices flowed into his mouth and her sighs turned to continuous muffled pants as though she was nearing the end of a very long marathon.
Something seemed different this time, unlike the countless other times he’d been with her, she seemed the same physically but he was changed somehow. Landry’s jarring realization of his true feelings pulled him out of his dream.

He’s gorgeous body stirred in a satin sheet covered bed, as he slowly opened his eyes he realized he was in a darken room lit only by candles which burned in each one of the corners of the room leaving only a few pockets of darkness in the gigantic room. He noticed there were two beautiful naked women making their way up the bed towards him. He could smell that they were human. Their scent almost made his belly growl it had been so long since he had fed from a human and in his current weakened state he only wanted quick satisfaction. The two lovely ladies placed their small, warm, soft hands up Landry’s thighs causing him to groan out while he pressed his eyes shut hoping the hungry would seize but it continued.

“Eat…they are for you to feed on Landry so go ahead and eat. You need your strength my darling.” Corrin’s familiar voice sounded from off in the distance.

He pulled himself up as if to speak but said nothing only finding his resistance tested once again while the two beauties began to kiss at his bare chest. He stared at them both working on him in unison, their gorgeous round bottoms bobbing up and down drew his attention and he gave way to his primal impulses as he took one of the ladies into his arms while he bit into her neck. She grunted for a moment but put up no resistance while the other lady continued to kiss Landry. Suddenly two small streams of blood ran down the other ladies back from where he was feeding. He quickly traded off to the other girl keeping the other lady tightly gripped in one of his arms, he bit into her neck. The lower half of Landry’s body remained covered keeping his growing rod prisoner as the two women rode him each of them moaning out louder by the second, their whimpers echoed throughout the room.

“That’s it eat Landry.” Corrin approached to sit at the end of the huge bed as she proudly watched him feed and grow stronger by the minute. “Soon you will be fully restored. Everything will be well again you will see.”

As the words, Corrin said sunk into his head he started to feel sick almost. He knew that everything would not be well. He knew that although his body may very well become restored his heart would remain broken.

As the human blood coursed through him and he was filled he let go of the ladies while he fell backward onto the bed with his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

The two women started to kiss each other as if they had grown bored of Landry or they somehow knew he wouldn’t need them any longer.

He moved to get out of the bed.

“Wait! What are you doing Landry, you can’t go anywhere until you’re full and strong.” Corrin voiced as moved like lighting across the bed joining him by his side. She placed her hand to the middle of his chest, “No…do not. Please, just this one time will you please listen to me?” She urged while nodding as she pushed his body back down in the bed.

The two girls said nothing as they got out of the bed and exited the room.

“This one time…Yes, Corrin, I will do as you ask.” Landry looked back at her brown eyes which glow slightly from the candle light. He smiled a bit while he allowed her to ease him downward while she lay down with him placing just one of her legs over his while resting her head on his chest.

She did still have quite a powerful effect on him. Her touch intensity aroused him just as it had before all those hundreds of years ago. With her so close to him again his body was reacting to her familiar presence, he felt his member growing in size pressing against her thigh and he was certain that she could him.

He fought against his initial desire to ravage her sexually the likes of which the both of them would not soon forget but he stopped himself.

He pressed his eyes shut instead while he bit down on his bottom lip careful not to pierce the skin with his fangs. His mind wandered and instantly he found himself back in the arms of Maya, his body started to react to the images of them together causing him to tighten his hold on Corrin making her sigh with a gulp.

He placed all of his energy into his thoughts of Maya hoping that their love would heal him even if she was dead she would live on his head forever. His beautiful indigo colored eyes shot open as pools of fluid filled them both and tears streamed down the sides of his face onto the satin pillow.

He had only cried three times in his life which was saying a lot considering that he was born in 1536. The first time was when his mother passed when he was seven years old and still human. The second time was when he killed an innocent for the first time, Corrin was there with him and he was eighteen and still human. All of these pivotal moments had brought on overwhelming changes into his life and he knew that losing Maya would change him yet again but what he would become he wasn’t sure. He felt the energy shift in him as he kissed Maya in his head. She pulled away from him and said his name which caused chills to run up his body making him wiggle slightly underneath Corrin.

“Are you okay Landry…do you need some more to eat?” She pulled herself upward towards his face. “You look weak still…please feed on me you know that will heal you instantly.” She placed her slim, bonze-colored arm underneath his nose hoping to ignite him. A long lock of her golden hair brushed against his cheek while she continued staring into his face hoping for answers.

“If I feed you Corrin you know what will happen.” His voice rumbled as their eyes met. He could smell her, every inch of her body. He could feel her tiny body pressing down on his, every cervix of hers that he could feel and the memories of those cervixes’ flooded his head washing away Maya. He pulled her closer by lifting her by her lower back bringing their lips less than an inch apart. He could feel her vampires’ heartbeat, slow but steady and her nipples hardening against his skin through her long, red, see-through nightgown. He grabbed at her gown as he slowly eased it up her leg revealing her panty covered butt. “Corrin…come here!” He roared as he grabbed a hold of her ass while smashing himself upward into her hips.

“I said feed…not this…no Landry…we—“; she was cut off by his lips which he used to part hers before plunging his tongue repeatedly into her mouth. She pushed herself away from his kisses. “Feed. Not this we can’t, this isn’t you Landry you are only trying to drown your sorrows in sex right now and won’t let you damage our relationship by making it about this.” Her eyes grew cold and distance as she lifted herself up and tried to leave the bed but was stopped by his grip.

“No! Don’t leave me Corrin. I promise I will stop this. I won’t push you into something you clearly don’t want and never did want.” His grip loosened as he tugged her towards him. “This is why I left you, to begin with, so you wouldn’t feel afraid of this happening again that yet you sought me out and now you have me in this position again. Right back where we always end up Corrin I seem to come full circle back you. To this, the sex, the passion we have or had. You can’t deny it but somehow you always do deny it.” He watched as her face and these emotions she had let slip flee back into the closed doors which she left locked in her mind.

“I just want you to be happy and healed. I love you isn’t that enough for you, why do we have to be lovers too why can’t you be satisfied by just the closeness.” She didn’t wait for answers before returning back to her prior position on top of him. “Look at me Landry.” She mounted him while bringing his hands to her hips. “Feed now or I’ll—“; she seemed to scramble for words while holding back her true desire for him. She would take him back right then but she knew it would be too soon and very confusing to him. After all, she had ended their affair and she was the one who had said repeatedly that it could and would never happen again. “I will make love to you if you feed on me now…” As the words left her mouth her eyes sprung open as if to capture those words and return them to her mouth.

“What? You…want this. You want us to be lovers again?” He stirred from underneath her with hopeful eyes he searched her face for confirmation.

A loud chirping sound echoed from across the room from his pant pocket and he knew it was his cell phone.

“You should answer that!” She pulled herself from him darted like lightning speed across the room retrieving the phone before presenting it to him. “It could be your friend.”

“Duncan? Yes, you’re right it probably is him…I should—“; he looked down at the phone confirming that it was indeed Duncan calling.

“Answer it, Landry.”

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