Vampire Garden Party with Creatures of the Night

Endless Love Quenched
Longing Pulse a Vampire Series
Book 1

Kindle 2.99

EXCERPT time...
Definitely must be 18 plus to come to this party!
You must love vampires or at least want to know more about them.
You will need an open mind and an open heart.
Now enjoy yourselves...

The Garden Party

Duncan escorted Megan out onto the back lawn. There they found themselves amongst several dozen guests all dressed in costumes like theirs. There were waiters with trays serving drinks. They eagerly went to see what everyone was drinking.

“I always drink the red one.” A man said to another man.

“I will try the blue this time.” A woman said to her group of friends.

“What kind of drink is that?” Duncan looked down at the silver tray with small, shot glasses on it half of which had a blue colored drink and the other had a red drink in them. 

“Hey, it’s the “Matrix or Alice in Wonderland”, right?” Duncan asked. Megan grabbed and quickly drank the red drink. Duncan relaxed and let go of his suspicions. “Holy shit…okay. Red is it then.”

Duncan grabbed and quickly swallowed the red drink too. “Wooo…hot damn!” 

Megan put their glasses back onto the tray. “Let’s go play in the garden maze, baby!”

“Huh? Megan, you’re crazy. We just took some mind altering drink probably, the last thing we need is to…” Duncan’s eyes widened. “Hey, Megan let’s go play in the garden maze!” He dragged Megan off towards the garden.

“Okay, Duncan great idea.” She chuckled as she willingly followed him into the maze. 

They could see quite easily with the burning torches lining the maze every ten feet or so. Duncan felt amazing, as though all his cares blurred and were distant from his mind. Whatever they had drunk, had them carelessly walking through the maze, blissfully locked in a state of ecstasy. 

Duncan noticed that they weren’t alone. There were groups and couples off in the darken corners of the maze as they walked. He realized that they were naked, most of them, or half-dressed, each of them was engaging in many different sex acts.

“Megan?” Duncan stopped.


“Maybe we should head out of this maze.”

Megan walked over to him and pushed him up against the bushes. “Whatever for baby? We can do it right here, come on.”

He immediately pushed her away. “What? No!”

“What’s wrong?”

He shook his head as he turned away from her to walk away. “Megan, seriously? Do you have to ask?”

“Come on, it will take your mind off your troubles.” She reached for his crotch and he batted her away.

“I’m serious, Megan. I’m done. I’m going.” He walked briskly away from Megan leaving her behind.

She didn’t seem to be behind him, Duncan noticed after about ten minutes of walking. He was certain he was lost but he was happy that he hadn’t seen any more group sex for some time. He turned a corner and walked nearly right into Corrin. 

“Oh sorry!” He stopped in his tracks. She appeared to have been crying. “I didn’t see you there; I nearly knocked you down, Corrin. Are you okay?”

She backed away from him. “Of course just taking some time for myself is all.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. You should go join the others in the game play.”

“No way! I mean, I’m not into those kinds of games.”

“Oh no? To each their own, I always say. But Duncan you are so handsome, surely women are just crawling all over you all the time.”

“Well…no, not exactly all the time.” He couldn’t help but stare at her and the drugs were still working on him, he felt. “I wouldn’t mind having you crawling all over me, though.” He stumbled towards her before passing out cold, face planted in the dirt.

“Oh no! No touching, darling.” Corrin did nothing as she watched him fall.

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