Vampire Book Trailer "Asylum" is Intense

I must warn you now about the intense suspense of Asylum book 2 Longing Pulse. I did not play around at all with this sequel meaning there will be intense sex, violence, and blood lust. If you scare easily please don't read this paranormal series; because this is a DARK goth story. 

The themes explored in this story are ancient witch magic mixed with druid magic. Yes, there are bondage scenes and other types of similar acts in the book. Now that you are nice and primed for a GREAT time please sit back preferably somewhere you will not be disturbed because you will need some time to yourself after viewing this video. 

Please make sure to grab your pre-order copy today available at Barnes & Noble plus iTunes for only 3.99. Make sure you get Endless Love Quenched book 1 as well and see how their story began.

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