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Seriously you must check out Love Notes by S. A. Mecham. 

This amazing heartwarming read has officially released on Valentine's Day and already in just two short days readers are reviewing and guess what? The readers are loving this book. I love this book. It is only 99 pennies right now but that price won't last. The paperback version will be available next week. Yeah! Grab yourself a copy of both versions but hurry while the eBook is only 99 cents!

Love Notes
S. A. Mecham 
Genre: Contemporary romance
length: 123 pages


Three seemingly unconnected stories spanning over the decades, collide and intersect in the most unique ways, pulling at your heartstrings until you are at the end, breathless, crying and full of pure exhilaration.

In a burger joint in New York City, Claire confesses her sins to a handsome stranger, who in fact changes her views on life, love, and hope.

This Valentine's Day read a unique book that will uplift you and fill your heart with triumph. 

Justin and Derek-Father and Son
“Don’t talk about her!” Derek cuts me off for the second time and now I’m done trying. I have no more words. Doesn’t he understand that I have feelings too? Haha…I laugh at myself in my head. He is a little kid, stupid. You’re the grown man in this situation and apparently, you’re not allowed to feel. I notice he has his drink in hand as he sips it up like it’s the best thing ever. Wow, at least he is happy with his sugar fix. His mom wore that same sweet smile after a dose of sugar too. I miss my Claire. I miss my ‘cute stuff', girl. My eyes float somberly on the haze ahead as we hit the freeway.

Strangers Claire and Justin
“I will make sure to put a cherry on top of your sundae.” He replies with both hands on the counter in front of me. I notice him arch his brows. It’s kind of sexy to me but I show no response. “Now that’s my kind of meal. Are you sure you can handle that much food, cute stuff?” I realize that he is calling me “cute stuff”, not sure if he does that to all the girls or am I special. 

Newlyweds DJ and Piper
Just her arms appear in the window as she opens it for me. “Tell me again DJ just why in the hell do you want us to eat cheeseburgers and French fries for breakfast anyway why would you choose this for breakfast?” Piper’s sultry voice sounds from her bedroom. She has her window halfway open and there’s just enough move to fit the silver serving tray that I’m holding.  I look down. I will put it there on the window seal. She darts behind her curtains so that I can’t see her. This makes me laugh a bit out loud.

Only 0.99 cents

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