New Romantic Suspense Good Luck Kid

Good Luck Kid 
Irish Bastard Saga 1
by S. A. Mecham
Genre: Contemporary romantic suspense
hurry only a few more copies available ends 3/6/17

Some people are born lucky while others make their own luck.

Luke Conway, or "Luck" as his friends call him; makes his own way in life. He is the third child of four. Luck is a charming poet with a smarter than the average mind. Maybe it's his smarts which cause his boredom. And when Luck gets bored he does stupid things. Turns out his latest adventure will lead his whole family and his new love interest on a fast-paced journey which could have a deadly ending for them all.

Ava Lowe is anything but bored or lonely. Who has the time for either given her busy life? Being a single mom running a household on her own, Ava doesn't want any BS from a trouble making a bad boy like Luck. But pure chemistry has a way of causing the perfect combinations to ignite. Boom!


I have two twenties in my pocket and two dirty thoughts going through my head. The head attached to my neck, not the other head. First thought, I really want to see what the inside of her thighs looks like. Second thought, I need more money and I can’t make money fucking around with a lady. No matter how fucking beautiful she might be. But getting money isn’t easy. I’m going to have to get bloody. Women like her won’t stick around once the guns start coming out. And I don’t really blame the lady; she’s the kind of lady you marry. She’s the kind you caress before; during and after you fuck her. I guess I have made up my mind then. The first thought is what I’m going with. I’m getting in between those thighs. 

I’m stuck in some other part of town that my dumbass friend Carla left me in. Now this guy named “Luck" is breathing down my neck. What the fuck kind of name is Luck, anyway? I’m not blaming this shit on the alcohol, he’s not even drinking he says that booze isn’t his thing. Okay, I’ll be marking that down as a first. Maybe that’s why I’m listening to him go on and on about his Irish family and how he’s a bastard. He says it like it’s a blessing or something. The thing is that if I move off this chair I’m heading into the bathroom and I’m pretty sure that I’m letting Luck do whatever the fuck he wants to do with my body. He is already doing so much to me without touching me.

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