Suspenseful Love is Hot

Happy St. Patrick's Day weekend to all of you!!
I'd love to celebrate with you all by teasing you a bit... Please enjoy this quick steamy tease from Good Luck Kid (Irish Bastards Saga 1) by S.A. Mecham.

 LIVE now official release date 3/20/17.

Meet the bad boy you will love and never forget about.
Luke Conway "Luck"

Chapter Three teaser...

I am three sips into my second whiskey sour when I spot this insanely gorgeous raven-haired lady. She looks completely out of place by the way she is dressed. But even under her blue jeans, brown tee-shirt and pulled back hair this girl is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. Fuck, I want to just eat her up, forget about the fucking lobster, I want her. She is adorable. She is standing in the entryway of the bar with a confused look on her face and it’s all I can do to keep my ass in my seat. All of my body is starting to react to this girl and now I’m wondering what the fuck Dwight put in my drink for me to be slipping like this. I almost never drink and this is a good example of why I don’t. Losing focus on a girl during a job is not my style. Fuck it, this job will be easy as fuck either way. I might as well have some fun while I’m here, right? I convince myself while leaving my seat heading straight towards this girl I don’t know at all, but I want to at least hear her voice and, maybe smell her. What the fuck? Did I just think about smelling her? Damn!

She looks in my direction as a huge grin rolls across her face she says, “Oh good, a waiter. Can you please help me find my friend please?” She asks me mistaking me for a waiter. Shit and I was hoping the huge smile was for me but she’s just in need of assistance. 

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