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I try to contain the evidence of my obsession over my addiction. I become aware of this monster living inside of me. A monster that I never knew existed until I hear myself telling the love of my life for the first time how it all started. And I can feel this darkness moving inside pushing me to do those things.

Romance Reader77 3/23/2017 "Great story."
"Good story with unexpected turns. The characters were well written and pulled me into the story immediately. Luck and Ava were combustible."

Chasidy 3/21/2017 
"Great, quick read."

"I love a good book that keeps me on my toes and guessing. There were lots of twists and turns that I did not see coming. Good Luck Kid does this! I loved getting to meet the characters and watching their story develop. They had instant chemistry and you could feel it jump off the pages. I found myself easily lost in Luck and Ava's story and can't wait to find out what happens next!"


Boyko Ovcharov 3/28/2017 "Fight Fire with Fire!"
"First of all, I can see lots of real-life scenarios portrayed on those pages. Life is not always nice and up to scratch, as we may put it. More specifically, this book contains strong language and some explicit scenes, just to let you know. Nevertheless, the editing work has been done almost immaculately by all means. Moreover, the plot is easy to follow. The narrative style has got some romantic diversions, which is kind of nice. The characters are believable and somewhat striking, if not 'educational' in a 'learn-your-hard-lesson' way. Not that I can be the one to judge, but the storyline leads the characters from bad to worse, concerning their complicated situations. I guess that is because this is the first installment."

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