Aria Hybrid Breed has Vampires and Shifters

Hybrid Breed series 
book one
Erotic paranormal romance


In a dark realm beyond ours, two souls will meet and Breed...

Cadence Troy had given up on his life and in a moment of clarity he reaches out for help; a voice from his past will send him on a journey into another realm.

Aria was born a slave to The Kysco Nation. Her only purpose was to breed the offspring of The Royal Council. But once the portal opens and she is forced to save a human; all is changed forever.


She moves fast, like the wings of the birds in the sky. I can’t see her legs as she flies with me in hand. I can move fast too, just like she taught me, but I’m not like her nor is she like me. She is my Dahi, my teacher and guide. I am the breeder, the source of life.

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