Aria Vampire Slave

Hybrid Breed series
Book Two
by S.A. Mecham

"New" erotic paranormal/sci-fi romance

Teaser from Aria book one NSFW...


I kneel, out of breath fleeing from Dahi. She is much quicker than me but I am smaller and I know where the secret passageways are. 

“Aria!” Dahi yells from off in the distant, darkened corridors. 

I cover my mouth hoping to conceal the heavy, raspy sound of it. I realize that the sounds aren’t coming from me but from one of the rooms. From the passageway, I can see into the other rooms. This is my only window out. Other than the occasional escape I make from Dahi I am a prisoner. I have never freely walked outside of the fortress walls of the Kysco Nation. My eyes have witnessed the rise and fall of the three moons from inside these walls. Remaining on my knees I move closer to the door. I look through the small keyhole above the doorknob. The full view of the room comes into focus and I see movement inside. I grow excited, moving my face even closer for a better view. I am careful not to touch the door; I don’t want to reveal myself to the occupants inside. 

My excitement increases once I notice that one of the three bodies inside is a breeder. I am going to be a breeder one day soon too. I see that the breeder is male. His long torso is ripping and strong looking. I see the piece I have not seen before him. He is covered in different markers which line his body. He stands and I see his beautiful skin which is bare and covered by all by the breeder’s markers. The other two I now see are female as they both come into view. One of the women moves behind the breeder before she removes her robe. She is beautiful. Her hair is like the gold and it’s wavy like the ribbons on the drapes that hang in the grand hallways. 

The breeder takes her hand placing it upon him and I watch him grow in size in her hand. I feel myself get a feeling in between my thighs and in my belly, unlike anything I’ve yet to feel. 

I am forced to put an end to this urge by placing my hand over my heated lips. With one hand covering my mouth and my other hand pressed against my slit, I eagerly stare at them as they touch, and I touch myself deeper. As they suck, lick, and bite I slide my hand down inside my undergarments. I only grow wetter and my feelings increase to the point that I whimper aloud. 

I stop myself by pulling my hand out ending my pleasure for fear that they have heard me. I look through the keyhole and see that they have not heard a thing, as they have all joined into a pile, twisting and turning around one another as they mate. Their moans are a blissful encouragement to me.

“Aria!” Dahi shouts while yanking me up, and off of the ground, bringing me eye to eye with her. My small feet dangling as she holds me like I’m merely feathers in her hands. “What are you doing here?” She demands in a quieter voice, but her eyes burn with rage for me. “Answer me, Aria!” She continues not waiting for a full moment to pass.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I am sorry.” I pull out the first of many excuses. She places me on my feet on the ground as her eyes soften. “I am truly sorry…I won’t…” I start but stop when we hear the doorknob behind me start turning.

“Come!” Dahi snaps, grabbing me by the hand before rushing off down the corridor. 

She moves fast, like the wings of the birds in the sky. I can’t see her legs as she flies with me in hand. I can move fast too, just like she taught me, but I’m not like her nor is she like me. She is my Dahi, my teacher, and guide. I am the breeder, the source of life.

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