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Butterfly kisses 
Vines One
Amber Acey
BDSM forbidden teacher/student erotica

The professor she always wanted but couldn't ever have is now working with Kara. He's older and completely 

off limits. Too bad Kara is going to have to dodge the hot professor all summer or she'll get into big trouble.

What the hell is this? Do I look sick? If looking sick gets him to look at me like that and then place his hands on 

me in such a way then f-ck it; I think maybe I'm dying. Her heart pounded and her palms started to sweat. "Calm 

yourself Kara he's just a man—a really f-cking gorgeous and sexy Italian man—who's not mine remember that 

part, Kara!" She mumbled quietly to herself as she rolled her eyes while shifting in her seat unable to stop the 

blood flow which was now heading towards her inner thighs.

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My Professor
Vines part two
Amber Acey

Live now 
Amazon 2.99


Kara Dexter had finally come to that point in her life where she knew what she wanted and how she was going to get it. With the long, hard years of college behind her she was ready to start her new job at her family's vineyard. 

Kara's plans seemed perfect with her dream job secured and the newly successful Dexter Vineyard to benefit from as well. She just needed to do one thing to keep her life running smooth; stay away from Jake Malone, the sexy but bossy lawyer from her past. As fate would have it Jake will be working alongside Kara for most of the summer making that promise she made to herself hard to keep.

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