Hybrid Breed book 2


Hybrid Breed series 

book 2

erotic paranormal sci-fi romance


Cadence Troy had given up on his life and in a moment of clarity he reaches out for help; a voice from his past will send him on a journey into another realm. 

But once he makes this journey his true nature will emerge and Cadence will unleash the beast inside of him.

Cadence Troy

“When first my eyes came to rest upon your essence delight rolled, twisted, and danced inside my body.

Abruptly, my stomach sinks into the void of self-doubt.

Why must this crushing painful feeling resonate, like a criminal come to steal my dreams, my hopes, newly discovered?

All at once, both joy and shame collided, mix, and melt together leaving no evidence of hope revealed.

So I being weak, like the undeveloped neck muscle of a newborn, I crawl back inside myself unsatisfied and forever changed.”

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