Amber Acey

Erotica Dirt Smut all Forbidden 
AMBER ACEY collection

Butterfly kisses
Vines One
BDSM forbidden teacher/student erotica
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My Professor
Vines part two

live now
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His to Adorn

Thornes Part One
Amber Acey
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Jaxon a prince and king agmonst women.

Ok—now I have to teach you a lesson on waiting your turn you dirty whore," he snapped as he quickly recovered while he took the lady by her bun yanking her off the table as he placed her up against the table he kicked open her legs with his feet, "Ok—listen to my orders whore or I'll punish you."

"Yes—sir I will do as you command I promise!" She willingly nodded as she bent her half-dressed, long and slender body over the table. "Do with me as you wish good sir I am merely a dirty whore BUT I am your dirty whore to command." She said in a lustful tone.

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