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Answer to Bliss

As my breath goes out of me. 
I feel my heart sink into my stomach. 
He lifts me up into his arms and I melt. 
He has answered my prayers. 
My hero sent to me from a silly child's dreams. 

And as I have always known he is mine, and I am his. 
And from this moment on we are like magnets, our souls connect completely, never to part again.

Awaiting Bliss

I pray that my heart does not betray me.
I was so isolated before I felt love for the first time.
A true, pure, and soul-mate love.
Now I can’t think of anything else but him.
Please let me have him.
Please let us be together soon.
If he is not mine and if I’m not his, then why does my heart lie to me?
Never before had I felt like this for anyone.
I can close my eyes and I’m with him.
The feeling is so real like our flesh really touches.
I see no way for this dream to come true.
We are like two different planets only from the same universe.
I pray that we will meet soon and I also fear this as well.
What if he does not feel the same way for me as I feel for him?
What is worse to love someone who will never love me back, or to never know this feeling at all?
If I get to choose then my choice is to meet him whether not he rejects me.
It is true what they say about having never loved at all, it is like not living at all.
Before him I was asleep, on auto-pilot, or dead like, and now I have a fire in my belly like a super deep aspiration.
So I pray that I meet him soon so I can feel him inside of me.
Only then will he control this fire that scorches inside of me because of him.

Bohemian Loves Euphoria

She sat on a bed of rage with her shoe dangling from her toes which always drove him mad. Consumed by desire from this painful ache to end she looks for him at the doorway. His words had become hollow. His promises were wrecked and her tears endless. His twisted sentences over the years had her head spinning. She had believed him when he said he loved her. But the evidence surrounding her spoke of a much different man, a man she had now come to realize as a liar. His touches absent from her for weeks at a time. His once longing stares were no longer upon her. She felt confused, desperate for answers and tonight she wouldn’t rest without them.

Years of playing pretend had come to an end and now he was very ready to bring their relationship to a closure. Was there no hope? Had it all been a joke? A quick and silly game of sorts? Where did it go, the love they both believed they once shared? Had love escaped them, like the youth goes from an old person?

He vetted about as he moved towards their lovers’ bed. He had wanted to look her in her face as he said those words. The words that would hopefully free him from her bitter woman’s grip. It seemed to him that he couldn’t ever please her as once he did before and so he no longer had the will to keep her. He stumbled on a pile of papers that had been under the bed. 

They both looked down at the papers in anger. The papers were not just junk but instead a pile of memorabilia of their love and happy life together. In an instant it had become clear to them both that this was the moment that would matter the most. To stay and work it out or go and find another. Piles of letters, pictures, and dried up flowers had ceased their rage towards one another. This turned them both back into believers. He joined her on the bed and there they both made a deal to work it out instead of running from this lovers den. For they had come to realize when love is not freely given and work is left undone then fear and anger surely sets in.

Botanical Dream Garden Part 1

His strong fingers glided across her beautiful bare back.
She wound her long black hair around her finger tip.
She longed for her flesh to be touched by him.
She sat on a soft blanket under the pink blossom tree in her undressed innocence laughing at his clumsiness.
He had arrived nervous but happy for she was all he had thought of all day.
He had delighted in thoughts of her firmness underneath him and her yearning for his touch.
She laid back exposing her full womanly shape like the opening of a seashell.

Just as he reached for her, she disappeared before his eyes.
Her flesh, her essence, haunts him still.
Just another dream of his fantasy girl and he was sick to awaken to the real empty life he lives.

Botanical  Dream Garden Part 2

As he took his mourning shower he tried to pull himself together. For he had spent countless days unable to dream of his lover.
He rubbed the soap on his chest gathering a thick lather. He closed his eyes as he rinsed off his face under the water.
That was when she appeared there with him. She eagerly took a hold of his hips as she took to bend to her knees. His eyes immediately opened to look upon his dream lover’s head gasped onto his manhood.
As their intense power grew they found themselves back in their lover’s garden. There they stood deep under a beautiful waterfall that cascaded down on their entwined bodies.
Her eyes found his as she sent him into ecstasy. Not wanting the dream to end he took her up closer to him. She willing jumped up into his arms while wrapping her legs around his hips.
They repeatedly surged together like a harmonious body rave.
Abruptly, he is ripped from the dream as his cell phone buzzes reminding him of the hour.

He looks for her in vain quickly realizing himself insane. She is gone and she escapes him once again.

The Deepness of Love

I love this man to the depths of my soul

When I think that I'll never see him again
I lose control.

My heart has been forever opened to him
and this scares me because I've never opened
my heart so wide to anyone before.

I freely give to him and share my every desire

and I promise to him that he can freely give to
me his heart and that I will never cause his heart

I really hope that one day he will see the deepness
of the love I have for him, that he will know
without a doubt that I'm who's right for him forever.

I see no life for me without him there, I see nothing

but happiness with him by my side. He makes me so

happy and complete, and I hope I do the same for him.

I once told him and think he remembers, that he makes
me want to be a better person. He is to me the complete
definition of a man. He's strong, smart, sexy, loving,
caring, and forever improving.

If I could take any pain he has and make it my own I
would, so he wouldn't feel it. If I could shelter him
from the cruelness of this world I would, so no one
could hurt him.

I have known for at least a year now that this man
is my soul mate and one day he will see too that I'm meant
for him forever!!!

Stinky Lies

Stinky lies from painful tongues from everywhere this evil seems to come.

Pushing through our line of defense evil comes home and consumes us in a single heartbeat.

You tell yourself your soul can handle this battle.

Properly equipped with strong shields and naive valor, does now approach the hour?

Flying On A Hope Out Racing Loneliness...

Clouds spread, opening, and releasing the light of the sun.
I race, dive, and spin on the tips of mountains so high.
Don't leave, don't look, don't go too fast!
Ocean water reach out to grab me, I fall, I live in your beauty.
Mercy giving, love shared, hope granted!

Lonely man, lonely woman, loneliness does command.
Listen not, see only hope, feel only love.
Loneliness does not stand!


When first my eyes came to rest upon your essence delight rolled, twisted, and danced inside my body.

Abruptly, my stomach sinks into the void of self-doubt.

Why must this crushing painful feeling resonate, like a criminal come to steal my dreams, my hopes, newly discovered?

All at once, both joy and shame collided, mix, and melt together leaving no evidence of hope revealed.

So I being weak, like the undeveloped neck muscle of a newborn, I crawl back inside myself unsatisfied and forever changed.

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